This n That

If anyone wonders why Myles has oatmeal on his BACK, it’s because he had his shirt on backwards for breakfast and later fixed it. 🙂

There is a perfect little greasy hand impression in the carpet from when Ella had her adventure in petroleum jelly.

I spent a large part of the morning, cutting up, seasoning, portioning and freezing a bunch of steak that I found on sale at Safeway this week. If you know my “issues” with raw meat, you realize that this was quite an undertaking. 😉 It’s done though, and I have quite a few meals ready to unthaw and fix up in the future. I have steak for Stroganoff (which is also simmering away in the crock-pot as I write, I can’t wait for dinner!!) thin cut steak, seasoned with spicy rub for fajitas, and a host of other packages, ready for stew or stir-fry or just tossing in the slow cooker to see what happens. 🙂 It makes me feel good to have meat in the freezer. One of my goals for Feb is to only buy milk and perishable items for groceries. 🙂 I’ll be “shopping” in our pantry and freezer for the rest! I got 9 different meat meal portions out of my $30 something purchase of meat, and several of those will likely do for more than one meal. Seems good to me!

The boys have a bunk bed in their room now. Thanks to my MIL and craigslist! It was a great find. They love it!! I had a bit of a hard time taking out their little toddler beds though. These little ones are growing too fast! I’m happy that they have bigger beds though, and their room looks better than ever!

I showed Ella her reflection on the back of a spoon, and it was hilarious to watch her making faces at herself on the little spoon! Ha ha ha!! That girl just cracks me up!

Ella has added the dining room table to her mountaineering skills. But she’s not content to sit on top, she has to stand and walk around. This is not good!

Can’t stand lies! I called a company recently about why it took so long to get a package that I had paid 2 day shipping on. Their response was that Fed-ex did try to deliver the package 2 times. HOWEVER, I happen to know that I was at home on both of those “supposed” delivery attempt days, and never heard or saw a fed-ex truck neither did I get a “failed delivery” notice. That irks me to no end!

Qade can whistle now. Have I mentioned that before? He’s very pleased with this new talent, and I’m pretty proud of him for figuring it all out at the age of 4! I’ve never been a good whistler, and I’m pretty sure I was older than 4 before I ever figured it out. 😉 However, this amazingness has it’s downside, as he likes to “practice” whistling all the time. Whistling in the house or in cars and such drives me crazy because it kills my ears! So we’ve come to an understanding that he can whistle outside as much as he likes, but shouldn’t in the house. I still have to remind him, but he’s usually good about it.

I’m trying not to think of the ick factor of the boys choosing the dog house as a place to relax while they eat their snacks outside. Ugh, ugh, ugh! It’s not working!!

This is what happens when I’m not on Facebook. I write all of my would be status messages in one long blog post. 😉 Oh well, I can’t say it isn’t better off this way. The only thing is that these posts tend to get pretty long, especially when I have to wait to publish them. We’ve been on internet rations for most of January since we blew through a lot of our bandwidth early on in the month. 😉 Silly electronics! So it’s been easier to keep off of FB like I’m supposed to, but I have missed posting to my blog. I have several post that I’ve been writing over my “exile” that I will schedule to publish over the next few days. Enjoy! 🙂