Coffee Catastrophe

I had a near death experience this morning when I went to poor my first cuppa coffee and realized that we were OUT of creamer. (ack!) I recovered fairly quickly however because I remembered the half gallon of Almond Milk in the fridge that I was going to attempt to “doctor” into decent creamer.

So into a big sauce pot it went with a good dose of honey and vanilla as well. I stirred and heated and taste tested and added another good dose of SUGAR and stirred some more. Then I poured some into my “I Shoot People” Nikon coffee cup, and added coffee.

BLAH! <---- is an understatement of how it tasted! Ick! It was SO bad that I poured the whole cup of coffee down the drain, and you know that has to be bad! I’ve come to the conclusion that Almond Milk is just yucky, and I feel very sorry for people who are indeed lactose intolerant and have to seek those alternative solutions for milk. Yuck, yuck, yucky!!! So the Almond milk joined the first cup of coffee down the drain. Hmmmm... now what’s a girl to do? In a pinch cafe’ au lait will work though it’s not my favorite. I put in the milk and sweetened it with agave nectar. It was fine, just not what my coffee palate really wanted this morning. Suddenly, I remembered that I did indeed have some sweetened condensed milk and evaporated milk left in the pantry! I stopped nursing the less than satisfactory cup of coffee and took a mad dash to the pantry. Yay! I tossed them together in the pot, careful to lick the sides of the sweetened condensed milk can as clean as possible, and heated them till combined with a dash or so of vanilla. I sloshed the rest of my cafe’ au lait down the drain to follow the rest of the unworthy coffee creamer attempts. It was like a dream come true when I used my “sweet cream” in the last cup that the coffee pot had to offer. Ahhhhhh, bliss! I don’t know why it took me so long to think of that solution. Probably because I hadn’t really had any coffee yet. This last cup is SCRUMPTIOUS though, so I wouldn’t be surprised, if I were you, if I make myself another pot of coffee to enjoy it with! 😉

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