Here I yam!

My boys request bed time songs each night. I’m just wondering how to make “Jingle Bells” sound like a lullaby! 🙂

I find it interesting that in this small town of 1500-ish people and about 7 churches, the only ones who have made their way out to ‘visit’ our house have been Jehovah’s Witnesses. They have braved the muddy road twice actually. Hmmmm…

Ella conquered the couch and the overstuffed chair yesterday! She’s been trying to scramble up them since the day she started cruising on them. Yesterday she was just as pleased as punch and you could totally tell that she was very proud of herself for getting up all on her own! The boys now have no safe space. 😉

I accidentally misread the recipe and added a tablespoon of garlic instead of a teaspoon. I guess we’ll all be safe from vampires tonight! Hopefully it’s still swallowable!

Happiness is finding the very last piece of dark chocolate in the freezer, just when you need it the most! 🙂

I have always associated bananas and spiders in my mind. So I guess it’s not surprising that I jumped back in alarm when I was reaching for a banana and “thought” I saw a black thing scuttle away. There was actually nothing there, yay! See, what happened was that when I was in K5 at a little Christian school in Colorado, we were all sitting round the lunch table when one kid said something about spiders “hiding” in the end of bananas. I’m not sure what he was referring to or where he got his information, but from that day I could never eat the very tippy end of a banana. Ya know, the last part at the end of the peel, I always break the banana off right before that last bite. 😉 I know NOW that there are no spiders hiding in the ends of bananas, but the damage has been done, and I think it’s irreversible. I shall always be a last bite banana waster, and anything that even remotely looks like a spider, imaginary or not, around my bananas will be met with the same reaction. 😀

While I was shopping for steak, that was on sale, at our “local” Safeway, someone approached me and asked if I wanted to buy his food stamps. I’m somewhat curious what he wanted to buy with the cash that he’d get for his food stamps, and sad at the same time that people put more stock in whatever else instead of food for their family.

I’m doing pretty good on my facebook fast. Especially since we’ve pretty much burned through our allotment of internet bandwidth for the month. 😉 It always helps when you simply “cant” do the thing you’re not supposed to be doing. 🙂 Ha! I do miss it though, but I’m finding it surprisingly easier than I expected.