Some Observations

If you’re trying to cut dairy out of your diet, you probably shouldn’t plan meals that are chock full of butter and cheese. Just sayin’. 🙂

Almond milk is not so yummy in my coffee. 🙁 I’m going to try to doctor it up with some honey and vanilla, but on it’s own it’s not very inspiring.

I’ve been having the dizzies for a couple of days. I really hate it when this happens because I feel so limited in what I can do. Ya know, if you can’t walk straight and keep running into walls, it makes it difficult to get through chores. I’m going to take some Sudafed after breakfast. That often helps since it’s generally a congestion thing with me. Although I’ve had a migraine kind of “lurking” in the wings too. Think I’ll take it a little easy today.

I designed some appointment cards for a couple of OB offices to use. They have a photo of a newborn that I took on one side with all of the office information and appointment time/date stuff on the back. They arrived from the printer this week and they look so awesome that I just want to keep them all! Ha ha! 🙂 Hopefully this will generate some more Newborn bookings for us though since every preggo lady will be getting “next appointment” cards when they go.

I’m making yogurt today for the first time in quite awhile. Stu has asked for yo-cheese a few times, and the lads would like to have some I know. Just because I’m on a dairy fast doesn’t mean everyone else hast to be, right?

After 10 minutes (or maybe more!) of very vigorous stirring with the aid of a large spoon and a butter knife, and several slimy fingers later, I finally have my no-stir almond butter ready to spread and serve. Kind of ironic, no? 😉

Tomorrow is my carb-day. If I wake up and weigh less than I did today I’ll probably be moderate. If I’m not, I’ll likely go hog-wild, ha ha! Either way I’d like pancakes to make up SOME part of my day. 😉

So I lost 2 pounds this week. Which is typical for me on this diet. I feel like I should lose more considering how much “work” it is to go carbless. BUT I only did the Kettle Bell twice, so I should be happy I lost at all, ha ha! And I can deal with a 2 lb a week loss, it’s more likely to keep off that way.