Other stuff

A few days ago I was reading my reolutions posts from LAST year, and totally cracking up. Is it bad that you laugh hysterically over your own writing? 😉 Anyway, some of the chuckles stemmed from my own word usage, and other chuckles from the resolutions themselves. Did you know that I resolved to make my bed every day??? Ha! I totally forgot about that! I wonder how long it lasted. 😉 Now, honestly, I should make my bed every day, and am working toward that end, but since it’s hidden from sight upstairs where only Stu or I ever go, it’s low on the priority list… especially in the course of my busy mornings. So yes, that one was an epic fail. Maybe someday I’ll conquer it. 😉 Ha! Till then you can just know that I’m a closet slob and my bed may or may not be made on any given day.

Still, new leaves are good to turn over. That’s why I create resolutions throughout the year. One thing I would like to accomplish this year is to get some photo books printed of our life since marriage. Because everything photo related has gone digital, we have hardly any “hard copy” photos. I’d like to be able to pull out a book, sit down with the kids and tell them stories of where we first lived, and people when knew when, and so on. So that will be an ongoing project for me because that’s 7 years worth of photos to sort through. Wow… that’ll be a job. But I’m going to break it up so it won’t be ALL in one book, ha! Smaller projects are better.

I’m resolving to read more this year too. I read something generally every day, but most often I reach for one of the tried and true Austin books or Anne books, and I’ve read them all MULTIPLE times. I finally figured out the reason for this. I know what is going to happen! See, if I pick up a new book, I have a very hard time putting it down till it’s done. And while I’m a fast reader, I still don’t have that much time in a given day to devote to devouring a new story. So I end up reaching for the ones I already know, to pass the time while I scarf down my lunch, and I know I can put it down because I already know what’s going to happen. 🙂 Funny, huh? But this year I want to read more, and not just novels, I want to read some of the books I have on parenting, and kid years and so on. I have a kindle now, so there’s no excuse! I’ll simply HAVE to live in suspense on some books, and that can be fun too. 😉

Along with the reading theme I want to be more focused in my scripture reading. I’ve kind of been all over the place with that one. I always gravitate to the Psalms, and then hop around to some different NT books. This year, I’ve picked up the “One Year Bible” again. It’s nice because it breaks it all up for me, AND I get a daily installment of Psalms and Proverbs too. 🙂 But I didn’t start at the beginning on “January 1” I put my bookmark in June 1 instead, and am going to go on from there. 🙂 I’m reading through parts of Samuel and the stories of David, and it’s very interesting. What a life he lived and not all happy, harp-playing, sheep tending was it. My heart hurts for David a lot more this time around as I read about him mourning for his rebel son Absalom. There are so many amazingly dramatic stories in the OT that I know I have often just kind of read over without much thought as tot he real people behind them. Anyway, so that’s how I’m going to spend my moments with my first cuppa this year. 🙂

Getting up before the kids is always a goal, but I begin to despair of that one. Qade is an EARLY riser. Like up before the sun kind of early riser. He usually is good about playing for a few minutes alone, before he wakes up Myles. They they typically play pretty well together for a little while. So that gives me some time even if I don’t make it downstairs before their eyeballs open. Still… I’m brainstorming ways to get them to sleep longer. If you have any suggestions, fire them away. Staying up later doesn’t work by the way, we’ve seen that one. They love to stay up, but get up just as early and are VERY cranky the next day. 😉

I also have kind of vague goals, like doing more projects with the kids, and activities with them that require more thinking and problem solving. Those I’m planning to implement into our “school time” once we start that back up on Monday. We’ll see how it all works out. You know I’m not a “project” mom so it’ll be a test for me. Still, I have some ideas that I think I can carry off, and my MIL gave me a book for Christmas that is just packed with ideas of things to do with preschoolers! So that’s on my reading list, and then to-do list. 😉

There you have it in a rough round-a-bout way. My 2012 resolutions. More or less. 😉