Photogenic Me

I resolve to be in FRONT of the camera more often.

It’s actually pretty sad and pathetic how few photos I have of me from this year. It’s very few. Not that I want a whole library full of pictures of me, but I do want pictures of me with the kids, and me with Stu, and me just doing things I do.

With the stuff that’s been going on with Heather, and other stories like hers, I realize that those snap shots are important. The “big” photo opportunities are important too, and I’m working on getting together with another photographer for some great family photos hopefully in the next month or 2. But besides those, I want there to be photos of me playing with the kids, or doing projects with them. Me in the picnic shots and whatever else we do together.

I know that since I’m the “photographer” it naturally falls to me to take pictures and document things. BUT I confess that I’ve often used that as a “good reason” not to be in front of the camera because…. well, pictures don’t lie, like I mentioned before. I’m not perfectly pleased with myself so I don’t want to see those photos. I’ve realized though that it’s just selfish to think that way. What if something did happen to me, and my kids were left with no tangible memories because I was too self-conscious to have pictures taken of me?

So this year I resolve to make sure I’m IN more photos. I’m also resolving to take along my point and shoot camera, which sometimes it drives me crazy to use, and capture more candid snapshot memories. Because I realize I’ve missed a lot of those this year due to the fact that I didn’t want to “lug” my big camera wherever. No more excuses this time!

I’m going to be in photos. Even if I look like this:

Ha ha ha ha ha!! 😀

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