I resolve to stop living a cyber-life and really live my REAL life! 🙂

This is the resolution that has kicked me off of facebook for the month of January. It takes a month to make a habit, and I’m trying, with this resolution, to make a habit of being more in the moment with my kids, hubby, and house, instead of frittering away the time online “pretending” to be important to all those people out there. 🙂

Now before you get your girdle in a twist, I know that some of you are my friends on facebook and would argue that I am important. 🙂 Thanks!! I know who you are, don’t worry. I just need this time as a refocus for moi.

I took steps in Dec to whittle down my friends list by over half, and you know what? that helped a lot! My news feed wasn’t that long, and I didn’t feel like I had as much to “do” when I visited facebook-land. I also “hid” all of the pages that I like so that they don’t show up as well.

Too often over the last year I have used facebook as an escape. I’ve used it as a way to connect with people, yes, but more often, I used it to “get away” from things that I really needed to be doing here and now. I will always say that FB has it’s place, because the truth is I don’t get out much. I don’t have friends close by, and I do need some “connections” outside of my hubby and kids. Still, I was plugged in enough to realize that it had gotten out of control for me.

Now you have the mental picture of me hunched over a laptop in a dark corner for 13 hours a day. Ha ha! No, it wasn’t like that… not quite… I sat by a sunny window. 😉 Just kidding! Still, I know that for me, I was spending way too much time plugged into cyberspace and not enough time dealing with my kids and the other responsibilities surrounding me. In fact, I started to resent some of those responsibilities because I felt like I never had enough time for them. The reason for that? I was pinning or following threads in a facebook group all afternoon and it left me rushed and stressed out. Not good.

So that’s what the lack of FB is all about this month. I plan, of course, to let it back in a little bit after I’ve made the deconnection. 🙂 I want to live my real life. You can’t really make memories in cyberspace, it just doesn’t work. Meanwhile, my kids are a hoot, and I love living real life with them, and my Man!

P.S. I am updating my biz fan page on FB so you might see some activity there, but I am completely avoiding my personal page and my groups. 🙂 See ya in Feb!

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