This’n that

Why is it that when I cut up banana and put in neatly in a bowl for Ella, she chucks it all over the floor, but when I am eating one of my own she continually begs for “more please?”

I expect that my yarn supply with be seriously dipped into this month since I’m using crochet as my fall back for Facebook time. 🙂 Ha! Probably I won’t get through enough in Stuart’s opinion though. Still, he has so much patience with my “projects.”

It makes me nervous to use the pressure cooker. But the beans come out tasting so yummy that I brave it anyway! Ha!

This warm snap that we’ve been having is tricking my brain into thinking that spring is “just around the corner.” The spring-cleaning bug has bitten, and I feel like I need to clean and freshen every room, which is a very strange state of mind for me. I don’t usually feel like that even when it IS spring. 😉 The downside is that winter is bound to kick in sometime, and that will be really depressing.

Slow cooker mushroom chicken is assembled in the crockpot and if it’s a winner, which I’m hoping it will be, I’ll be posting the recipe for you too! 🙂

We now have 10 gallons of milk in our house and I am a happy camper! Six in the freezer and four in the fridge. One of my biggest insecurities living out in the boonies is that we’ll “run out” of milk. I don’t know why, but I just feel like if I’m not able to give my kids milk every day they will starve or something, ha ha! It’s weird, I know, and we do have a Dollar General in our “town” now so I should be able to get milk from there in a worse case scenario, but still… I like to be prepared. 😉

The boys found some bird feathers from who knows where, yuck, and I watched out the window as they held some in each hand and jumped off the retaining wall over and over trying to fly! They make me smile! 😀

Well De Bella has found her temper. 🙁 She’s reached that stage where the communication barrier becomes an issue. She has several “signs” and uses them well. She likes to tell me “all done” after about 2 bites of the baby food that we’re trying to use up! 😉 However, occasionally she has decided that she does NOT want to use her signs and would rather scream for 50 minutes for her cup than say “please.” Whew! That’s tough on mommy and daddy. Hopefully her little stubborn streak can be nipped a bit through consistency.

It just struck me on my walk today that this summer will mark 10 years since I first met my Love, Stuart! Wow!

Today Ella gave me a first kiss! 🙂 She saw Qade plant a peck on my cheek so she walked right up and did a “pop” with her lips right on my other cheek! Heart meltage right there! Awwwww!!

Tomorrow I will post my next resolution. 🙂 You all might have noticed, or not, already that I’m not on Facebook…. tune in for that one.