Pictures do not lie

And it’s because of that I am resolved to loose the last of the pesky weight that I’ve been toting around for no good reason. 🙂

Last year I had a weight loss resolution as well, and no wonder since I was only 3 months post baby. So hard to believe! Ella’s getting so big! And even though I didn’t complete that resolution, I did manage to loose the baby weight. And I learned a few things in the process about how my body “likes” to lose the extra flab. I can’t just do it all at once. It goes in spurts. I lose some, then plateau and maintain for awhile before I can lose again.

This is a revelation to me because, fortunately, I have not had to struggle with weight issues my whole life. It’s a relatively new concept to me, so the learning curve is a little tight. (snicker) I do have a lot of respect for people who DO struggle with weight as a continual thing. I think that pressure is difficult and it’s hard to see progress. Which is why looking at where I’ve come from can be helpful.

Because I saw some pictures that I happened to be in (which is a rare occurrence any more) over Christmas break, and the only thing I could think was, “YUCK!” And I realized that mirrors really can lie. Because mirrors sometimes show you the you you want to see. (How many times can YOU use “you” in a sentence?) We all have a mental perception of ourselves and sometimes you can really truly not see the real you. That’s why the anorexic person will be emaciated and look in the mirror and see a fat person. It’s mental.

Anyway, mirrors may lie, but pictures do not. And when I saw “those” pictures I realized that the muffin top has GOT to go, and the rest of the poundage that I just do not need! So I have resolved to get a good jump on it in January. Now that I realize I most likely can not lose it all at once and be done with it forever, I’m taking it a bit at a time. Divide and conquer!!!

I will do my low-carb thing for January (by the way I have lost 2 lbs in the last 2 days by just cutting out carbs… no exercise yet, even!!) and then in Feb I will maintain whatever I have ended up losing. In March…. we’ll see what happens in Jan first. 😉

I’ve made some modifications to the “slow-carb” diet that I lost weight on last year. I am including fruit, which was forbidden on that one, but cutting out dairy. Apparently dairy can be a big weight-loss killer. Who knew? And that’s going to be difficult for me because I’m totally in a dairy loving rut! Still I’ll save all that yummy yogurt and sour cream for February. I’m even doing something I consider radical and that is to have almond milk in my coffee…. I have never tasted the stuff before, so this will be an adventure! 😉

Anyway, wish me luck, I will be starting my kettle bell/ball crunch exercise routine up again tomorrow. Can’t wait to be the new me in a month! Ha ha!

More resolutions coming your way…. stay tuned!