Merry Christmas!

Guess who forgot to take photos of the kids opening gifts on Christmas this year?? Not me! Okay, yeah, it was me. I did get it all “on tape” though. I was too distracted because of the special surprise gift that I couldn’t wait to give Stuart. 🙂 We did get a few shots of the kids opening some of the gifts from their grandparents earlier though. So I’ll post a few of those later. Ha ha! Just know that they had a great Christmas and thank you all, Grandparents, Oma, and Uncles and Aunties for the wonderful gifts!

My surprise gift, which I was sure wouldn’t end up a surprise because my man is so sneaky that way, was the iPhone 4 S. I engaged the help of my dad-in-law to procure the phone, and then wrapped it up and tucked it under the tree. Fortunately Stuart had no idea that anything was “up” or he would have been pestering people to get the info out. He didn’t have a clue and when he opened it he just stared at it in shock for awhile, so I thought that he had figured it out. BUT he hadn’t, and was just surprised to see it sitting there in the box. Score one for me!!! 🙂

As you can imagine he will be playing with it for some time to come. He was asking the classic “Siri questions” earlier, like “Siri, Will you marry me?” and when she answered “We barely know each other” Qade piped up, “Why it said no each other?” ha ha!! Later when he wanted help to build the block castle that Oma gave him, he said to Stuart, “Will you help me build this, Dad. Siri is not there!” Ha ha ha!!! Cracked me up!

I might be a Siri widow for a while, but I’m glad that I was able to surprise Stuart with something that he really wanted, didn’t expect, and will use. It made my Christmas very happy!!!

I got plenty of fun loot as well! A knee length coat from Stu, now I need a red scarf to go with it, and some warm gloves that actually fit my huge hands! Yay for warm stuff!!! He also got me an ergonomic mouse for my computer, and an interval timer so that I can get movin’ again, and get in shape!

Hope you all have enjoyed your Christmas, and made some great memories with your families… even if you didn’t catch it all on camera!