This’n That

So I wanted to “hop” online “real quick” to shoot off an e-mail to someone. BUT our idiotic internet card is acting the rebel child today and while it “says” it has 4 bars, and my computer is “supposedly” connected to it, I can’t get one stinkin’ page to load! Somedays I loath living in the sticks!

Ella-girl is in that stage of self-feeding where most of her finger food/snack options are carbs. I mean think about it, what do you feed just walkers? Crackers, gold fish, biter biscuits, Cheerios. Unfortunately our gal “plugs” up easily. So I’m being more careful about giving her canned green beans or peas, and fruit and carrot cups. She can eat those too, albeit not as easily on the run. Still it’s worth it on the other end. 😉 Trust me on that one.

My daughter is the diaper Houdini, and I’m convinced that she sticks her feet into her pants sideways when I’m trying to redress her, just to give her a little more time to get those tabs off!

If you cut your finger while slicing Oranges, it really hurts!!! (Not that I would ever be that clumsy with a knife, of course. Disregard THIS post)

The difficulty in getting kids to bed, and to sleep is in direct proportion to how utterly exhausted the parents are. Really!

The kids can behave like angels on special ‘days out’ like Sunday when we go shopping, go to church, go to see Massona. They will swim through the day happy as a lark, barely even noticing the lack of nap/rest. But the NEXT day, oh my! That’s part of why Monday’s are “recovery” days for us.

Our church did a little “kids” thing on Sunday where several of the kids read passages from Luke 2, and then they all sang “Away in a Manger.” It was cute, every last one of the kids involved, even the teens, had a little headband on with pictures that represented part of the Nativity scene, like a donkey, or sheep, or a wise man. Every kid that is, except our Qade. Later he told me that he didn’t want to wear one because he thought they “looked bad.” 😀 He’s such a particular and sensitive little dude. And even though I have sung “Away in a Manger” to them at bedtime lately, they didn’t sing along… not even a peep. In fact there was a scowl on Qade’s face that deepened as the little “program” went on. While Miles on the other hand was perfectly oblivious, holding his “candle” upside down and kept turning round to see other kids, or dancing a little in place. Stu and I were very humored and had to work hard not to laugh out loud. We were proud of our little participants. 🙂

So the “big storm” is going to miss us by just a little bit, and I’m so disappointed because I would love to have a white Christmas for once. Brown, wet, drab Christmases are just not the same. *sigh* Growing up in Colorado spoiled me. 😉

I watched “The King’s Speech” all the way through, never once figuring out that the actor who played “Bertie” was Collin Firth the same who played Mr. Darcy in the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice. I don’t know how this could have happened!

I’m about to rip our stupid toilet out of the floor and send it to the dump! Seriously!!

I just looked out my window and saw a Nuthatch, 2 different kinds of Junko, a beautiful Blue Bird, several Robins and a House Finch couple. 🙂 The winter birdies are back!