A couple of P.S.’s

P.S. On the creamy pork chop recipe I have a little note to add. If you are going to use bone-in chops like I did, I’d suggest taking the bone out first. 🙂 While the meat was so tender and soft that it just fell right off the bones, little flecks of bone also fell off. They weren’t dangerous as it was very teeny pieces, but it’s no fun to be chewing along on such a delicious dish only to crunch your teeth down on something hard. Nopers! So there you go.

P.S. I have re-added the “news” tab to the top of my CDO studios pages. If you click on that page it will take you directly to the blog where you will have access to all of the posts rather than just the few listed on the bottom. Thank you Joy for the great suggestion. Now perhaps my analysis will be from more than just Brazil! 😉