Analysis doesn’t really thrill my little heart. I’m not a geek, nerd, or pinhead. I don’t get all hyper about numbers and statitistics and charts and graphs. It’s all a little too much like *gasp* Math, and makes me start to have anxiety attacks if I think about it too hard! 😉

But I do find the Google Analytics site interesting. You can see how many times your blog is viewed and even the countries and CITIES that people are viewing your blog from! Wow! Big Brother is watching!!!

So out of curiosity I was looking at the numbers for my blogs, I have 2 remember???? Oh, you don’t? Well, stay tuned for my little commercial (or whine) later.

For THIS blog that you are laying your eyes on right now. My biggest “Country” fans are, the USA, of course, and Canada!! With a third being Ukraine. 🙂 I don’t know of anyone in Ukraine, but welcome, happy to have you along. 😉

For the cities Albuquerque is the biggest with a second being Woodstock??? Where is that exactly? I’m very bamboozled by that one for sure. Anyway, there’s a good showing from Los Angeles and Prescott as well. 🙂 Thanks for tagging along! What fun!

Anyway, now the commercial/whine. On my business blog at I have had 2 visits….. from Brazil! This may be part of why I keep getting spam comments on that particular blog. Ha ha! Actually though, I did get 2 honest and genuine comments from a friend of mine recently, so I can’t be too down about it.

I just want to encourage you to “pop” over there to see what’s going on in my little photo-mind. 🙂 There’s generally pictures involved on that blog, sadly lacking here. I just get tied up in the words over here and forget about pictures. *sigh* SO maybe if you combine the 2 in your reading you can get the words here and pictures there!!!

Can you sense the “begging” aspect yet? No? Okay how’s this….. PPPPPPPLLLLLEEEEAAAAASSSSSEEEEEEE come visit me on my other blog tooooooooooo!!!!! Please? 🙂

If only to help a gal out with her ego issues. 😉 Thanks! You’re the best! Ha ha!

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