This and that

I like running orange peels down the garbage disposal. It smells amazing!!! 🙂

I made whole-wheat pancakes for dinner last night. They weren’t a huge success. I thought they were fine, but my Hurb has a prejudice against whole-wheat. The main reason I did is because all of our “white” flour is in a 50 lb bag in the cellar, and I forgot to go down there to get some. Ha!

There is less than an inch of snow on the ground this morning, but the lads saw it and their first response was, “I’m going to build a snow man!” Good luck to them! 😉

One of the kids’ gifts this year was “recordable” Christmas books from Halmark. Their Grandma and Grandpa Zahn recorded the books and they love to listen to the books being read to them. 🙂 Fun gifts!

Qade asked me this morning, “What love means?” Hmmmm…. not sure I have a very easy to explain answer for that one. 🙂

One of the lads asked me recently, “Why water is wet?” I had a hard time with that one too. Apparently I did not get enough “book larnin’” to field all of these inquiring minds’ questions. Ha ha!

It boggles my mind that one of the ‘games’ the lads play the most is to make up beds anywhere and everywhere in the house and then take naps. BUT when it comes to real nap time or bed time it’s no game!

I’ve developed a bad habit of nearly burning my oatmeal. It’s happened several times now. I’ll watch it carefully till it’s almost done, then somehow I get distracted and totally forget about it till I accidentally see it and rush to catch it in the nick of time. My mind is going, I tell you.

I will not be winning any awards for patience this year. *sigh*

Some days the simplest things would “make my day.” Something like being able to empty the dishwasher in one fell swoop instead of being interrupted 17 times. 🙂 One day I’ll be writing the reverse, I know, but today….

Made peppermint bark for the first time. That was exciting. 🙂 The lads love that it has candycane in it and it got a thumbs up from Stu, so I’m calling it a success. 😉

Ella loves feeding herself green beans, though it can be rather gross when she decides to “talk” with her mouth full. Ha ha! Silly gal!

I had ‘action’ dreams last night. The first one I remember was like the “catch me if you can” story and people were after me, and I had to keep running and hiding from them. I don’t think that I ever impersonated a doctor though. The second one was more like a “Fantastic Four” kind of adventure. It was weird. I woke up very tired! 😉

I yelled at the cat today. He earned it though.

I need to make Ella’s stocking stuffer hat. I’ve made beanies for the lads, and now the lass needs one…. but I’ve been procrastinating, obviously. I suppose that’s what I could do with this evening. 😉

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