In order to help along the “deGrinchification” process I have recently read several articles that I found helpful. I’ll pass them along to you in case you too might be suffering from a bite from the Grinch bug! 😉

I’m glad I came across this one because really the only thing I have left on my “list” is stocking stuffers. I haven’t yet established any real traditions with our stockings yet, so now is the year to start! 🙂 I don’t like just packing them full of sweets so now I have a couple more ideas for them. I especially like the “unders” and the bandaid ideas! 🙂

This is a list of the TOP 5 toys for kids EVER! Seriously. I think I’m going to find some good gift ideas in this list!

And here’s another from The Modern Mrs. Darcy about practical gifts. I appreciate her approach to things. And after “pruning” the kids toys today and the inevitable “trauma” of it all, I’m thinking practical is oh-so-much better than just “stuff.” Ha ha ha!

So anyway, some of these ideas are helping me with my deGrinchification process. I’m already looking forward to next Christmas with a slew of home-made gift ideas, and a better appreciation for a Simple Season.

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