Movie Review

“Don’t Judge a Book by It’s Movie” Have you seen that quote? It floats around on pinterest. 😉 I’d have to agree with it. I seldom completely enjoy movies that have been made from stories that I have read. I can handle it okay if it’s the other way around and I see the movie first. But my active imagination builds such detailed characters and places from books that I read, that the movie is bound to be a disappointment on some level because it won’t match what has gone on in my head. Also, not sure if it’s a blessing or curse, but I remember nearly every detail of stories that I’ve read, especially if I’ve read it more than once, and the movie can never capture EVERYTHING that an author can put in a book, ya know? I try not to get my hopes up, and I’m able to watch several movies from books with just a teeny shudder now and then. BBC’s Pride and Prejudice I can watch and enjoy. The newer version I don’t like as well, but it has fond memories attached since I saw it with my hubby as a newlywed over our first Thanksgiving together. Awwwww! 🙂

Yesterday I finally watched the BBC rendition of Jane Austin’s “Persuasion.” Stu gave it to me for Christmas last year, because it was one I had asked for. I think it took me so long to finally watch it because I was nervous about it “ruining” the story. LOL! While I did cringe at certain changes in the story, I mostly enjoyed the movie. It won’t become one of my “top 5” I imagine, but it’s a nice chick flick to have on while folding laundry. 😉

My biggest disappointment with it was the actress that played Anne Elliot. Anne is the deepest character of Jane Austin’s writings. Elizabeth Bennett is a wit, but Anne Eliot is a sage. Ha ha! Unfortunately the gal who played her seemed to have but one outstanding ability which was to make her eyes bug out of her head at every other scene. So that was a little difficult, but as far as the story goes, and it’s a pretty detailed and complicated book to put on a screen, I think they did okay. 🙂 I will watch it again sometime, but I’ll still get more enjoyment out of reading the book. 🙂

So if you’re looking for a wholesome show to watch with some romance and a little adventure in it, go ahead and give this one a shot. 😉