This’n That

Listening to Qade talk while he is eating is like a cell phone conversation that is breaking up. I just can’t understand him between his chewing cutting off his words and his frequent use of “um.”

My ring finger is having a skinny day, which means that my diamond keep slipping down, and it’s annoying, ha! But I love my pretty ring, even when it doesn’t stay in place!!

I love it that Ella will “pat” my back when I pick her up now days. 🙂

Qade is learning faster than I can teach him. 🙂 Myles favorite part about school is our “days of the week” song.

I’m a “color wonder” kind of mom when it comes to painting with the kids. 🙂 Less mess is best, that’s my motto! 😉 Perhaps I’ll be willing to do “real” finger paint next summer… outside.

I would like a chiropractor for Christmas. Thanks!

Ella now loves Goldfish. I guess I’m the odd man out in our fam as I seem to be the only one who doesn’t appreciate that icky-not-really-cheese flavor. Ha ha!

I’ve been scaring up crochet patterns from the depths of the internet for gift ideas. Likely they won’t be used for this Christmas, but I will be making some for future Christmases/Birthdays. 🙂 Beware!

On the way back from errands today it was snowing, and Myles commented on the “rain” on the windows till Qade corrected him by saying, “It’s not rain, Myles, it’s snow. When the snow dries up it turns into rain.” Myles reply, “Oh!”

Ella loves scrambled eggs. Loves with a capitol “L.” Ha ha! She even braves their gooey texture and picks them up and feeds herself. Hurray!!!

We are going on week 2 of all of the boy’s toys being packed into the garage. (more on this later, I’m brewing a post)

After a mishap with a client’s print, that came back HORRIBLE, the reprint looks lovely, whew! I was having some serious self-doubt moments there for a little while.

I’m going to brave ‘town’ to pick up stocking stuffers and some baking goods then I do believe that I will be done-done with any and all Christmas shopping! Yay!!!!

I mopped today. I dislike mopping. Not because of the work involved, but because it’s such a short lived accomplishment. 😉 Someday I’m going to hand over the mop and bucket to one of the lads and see if that doesn’t provide some incentive for keeping ick off of the floor. 😉 Ha ha!

I have it in my head to make marshmallow truffles AND cake batter truffles AND Nutella truffles AND Poppycock as Christmas treats. Actually, I just want to try all of these cool recipes. Unfortunately they all make a LOT of stuff, so…. I may be dolling some of it out just so I don’t end up eating it all. 😉 Beware!!!!!!

That’s all for a Tuesday. Toodles!

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