Sew What?

Well we had a fun time at my parent’s house this weekend celebrating a bit of an early Christmas. The kids were wild as always when any kind of “gift” is involved, but it was so much fun! Stuart got the “iPod nano watch” of his dreams, and is now obsessed with checking the time. 😉 The boys were given a set of “marble works” that they think is the coolest invention EVER! I have to admit that they are pretty fun! Now the challenge is going to be keeping the marbles from de Bella. 😉

I had expressed an interested to my mom earlier this year that I would like a sewing machine. Now this is noteworthy for a couple of reasons. 1) I don’t “like” to sew 2) The last time I attempted a project on my mom’s demon possessed machine I came within a hair of throwing that thing through the window…. really. So it doesn’t really seem like a good match for me. 🙂

I took a couple of years of 4H when I was in 5th and 6th grade. Or so… And the first year I made a skirt that I loved, a book bag that was amazing for carrying my piano books, and uh… well, that’s all I remember. The second year, we were moving on to patterns and I picked out a fun jumper pattern to make out of a BRIGHT yellow fabric. I guess, looking back now, I should be glad that I never made it through that project. LOL! Oh my, what a sight I would have been!! Anyway, the 4H teacher from the year before had quit, and now one lady was handling the “work-load” of at least 2. There were too many girls sewing and not enough machines, and while I got my pattern all cut out, pressed and pinned, the sewing of it didn’t work out. I actually did get to use the machine a couple of times, but the settings were wrong on it, and I knew no different, so I spent a lot of time ripping seams before I lost heart with it all and Mom let me quit. 🙂

Since then I have tried different sewing projects with various levels of success. I never yet have liked an article of clothing that I “made” myself. And like I said above, most end with my complete frustration and firm vow to NEVER sew again.

So what changed you might ask. Well, I’ll sum it up in one little word pinterest. 🙂

It’s true I’m a pinterest junkie. There are SO many amazing projects on there. Many of which are “no sew” which gets my immediate attention. But I’ve also found some that are minimal sew projects. Meaning that yes, you need a sewing machine, but no, you don’t need to be a wiz at sewing. 🙂 Those ones have me intrigued. And since I’m obsessed with making my own photography props for infants, I thought that a sewing machine would be a great addition to my tools. 🙂

Mom took the hint and called up my Grandma, who by the way is a fantastic sewer, and as it all turns out Grandma gave Mom her machine to give me!! 🙂 It’s all “tuned up” and ready to go! I’m so excited about this sewing machine, and it’s even boggling my mind that I’m so excited about it, because I know that sewing and I have not been the best of chums. BUT I’m determined to give it a go, and I’m so happy that I can be attempting my this-n-that projects on Oma’s machine. 🙂

Thanks Mom!! Thanks Grandma!! You guys are the best!

P.S. Mom also gave me a really fun sewing basket! You might never see me again if I get buried in fabric, yarn and pinterest projects!

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