Turkey Crazy

I went a little bonkers this year with the turkeys. Safeway was offering them for $.59 a lb if you buy $25 worth of other groceries. Which is pretty easy to do. So so far I have 3 turkeys that I bought for cheaper than any other meat out there! I say “so far” because I got the 3rd one on Sunday after Thanksgiving, and if they are still selling them NEXT Sunday, I’ll get another one. 😉 My poor family will never want to eat turkey again after this. Ha ha ha!

So the bird that I cooked for our Thanksgiving feast was a 19 pounder…. which meant that there was a LOT of left overs since the only ones eating with us were Stu’s parents. I meant for there to be leftovers though because if I’m going to go to the trouble of digging out turkey guts (eww) and baking the thing then I want there to be plenty to show for it. 😉

So far this week we have had Turkey Tortilla Soup, Turkey Shepherd’s pie (which was absolutely delish, by the way and used up all the “other” leftovers like stuffing, smashed taters, and gravy! Yum!!) and today I’ll be cookin up some BBQ turkey sandwiches in the crock pot! 🙂

Now not only do I have left over Turkey in my fridge, but left over Tortilla soup, left over shepherd’s pie, and we’ll see if we have left over bbq turkey. 😉

My plans for today for whatever turkey doesn’t get sauced is to cube it and freeze it in soup sized portions that I can use for soups later. That way instead of pulling out the handy dandy canned chicken breast which is my usual “go to” for speedy soups, I can just grab a baggie of Turkey out of the freezer.

It makes my frugal lil heart happy to have such good meat stored away in our freezer at an unbeatable price, ha ha!! I have 2 “full sized” turkeys in my freezer that will be baked later, and one “itty bitty” one that I’m hoping to be able to fit in my crockpot at some point. 🙂 But after this week, I’ll give my family a little turkey break. 😉

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