Rocky Face

So this happened a couple weeks ago, but since I’ve been so bad about blogging, I’m just now getting to it.

Poor Ella pulled the table that goes under my computer down on her little face and got a HUGE fat lip. 🙁 I felt so bad about it!!! Fortunately the computer is mounted to the wall, and the table is fairly light. Too light in a way if she’s able to pull it over, but light enough not to do extensive damage. I still felt so bad about it. I had pulled it out just a little earlier that day so I could do some work. If I hadn’t it likely would have caught on the bottom of the computer and not toppled. But I’m learning to try to banish Mom-guilt as it’s a useless emotion, and just remember to always keep the table pushed in when I’m not sitting there.

Ella was a trooper though. She was sad, and cried quite a bit at first. She did get to taste her first popsicle though. I keep a bunch on hand just for mouth boo-boo’s and fevers! They work great to stop bleeding, and usually work to stop crying as well! 🙂 She cheered up pretty quickly considering, and was back to smiles, as best she could, in no time.

It took a few days for it to even look tolerable, but she did so well! No up at nights, or fussy fits. She took it like a little Rocky, and kept on fighting! 🙂