Nose out of joint

Have you heard that expression before? I know I have! “Don’t get your nose out of joint!” What does that mean? How can your nose be out of joint. It doesn’t have any joints. Kind of strange. SO I took myself on a little internet tour to find out about this interesting idiom. I still haven’t gotten to the bottom of the “origins” but did come across this definition “Fig. to resent that one has been slighted, neglected, or insulted.” It also refers to the expression on someone’s face who has been afflicted with that definition.

You may wonder what prompted me to be at all and in any way interested or curious about this phrase. Well, I’ll tell you. My nose has been out of joint!! 🙂 Not in the way that the expression means, but for real! Ha ha!!

See what happened was Stu and I were playing with all the monkeys on the floor one evening recently. Ella had me pinned down in typical kid wrestling style. Except I think she was attempting to communicate to me that she was DONE playing and really wanted her sippy cup of milk and bed…. like NOW. 😉 Perhaps it was because I wasn’t moving fast enough to her liking, she had me pinned after all, or maybe it was just utter exhaustion, but whatever the reason, her head came down SMASH on my nose! Owwww! Head-butt to the nose is NOT a pleasant experience. I heard my nose “crunch” but it was actually just more startling than painful. Mostly it just felt numb. At first. My nose wasn’t broken, of course, but it has grown very tender over the past couple of days.

The last time my nose hurt like this was when I was a camp counselor and it connected with a camper’s elbow during Big Ball Volley Ball. Ugh! I was jumping to hit the ball as Hulkerina was coming down, elbow first apparently. 😉 That was a very painful experience, and I couldn’t even bear the pressure of my sunglasses on my nose for a couple of weeks after that. Ha ha ha!! Funny memories!

Ella’s little noggin’ didn’t compare to the elbow incident really, but it did remind me of it. 😀 It actually wasn’t as bad as when she head-butted my eye socket! At least noses are somewhat squishy. Ha ha! But seriously, they never tell you that you should have WWE experience before becoming a parent. Ya know? That would be a good thing to know. 😉

You have to watch out for those itty bitty heads! They pack a wallop and can very easily get your nose out of joint. 🙂