Radom Stuff about moi

. I like to drink water at room temp, or at the coldest how it comes out of the tap. If it’s got ice or has been refrigerated, I need a straw because it hurts my teeth.

. I hate to wear make up. Hate it!!!

. I think that the “flat” side of the Ritz is where the cream cheese should go. 😉

. Social interaction requires a LOT of mental energy on my part, and I can be completely exhausted after meeting new people. I’m an introvert… I’ve tried, it cannot be overcome. 😉

. Math is not my friend.

. I have a serious coffee addiction. I’m trying to limit my intake to 2 cups a day…. it’s a struggle. 😀

. Crochet is one of my favorite ways to relax. Though sometimes I forget about it for periods of time. Typically after I’ve tried a project that was too long or complex.

. I read Pride and Prejudice multiple times a year.

. I laugh at my children at the most inopportune times… like when I’m in the middle of discipline. 😉 I can’t help it, they are too hilarious sometimes!

. I dream of living in Colorado or Montana someday. *sigh*

. I don’t drink enough water during the day (probably because I’m too busy drinking coffee!) until right before bed when I’m scathingly thirsty, and of course that means I’m up at night. 😉

. Handling raw meat makes me less inclined to eat the final dish… though I’ve gotten much better about it. Really!

. I’d rather read than watch a movie.

. Apparently I speak too quietly for most people to hear well.

. I absolutely LOVE photography! 🙂

. Sometimes I wish I had a Pomeranian so I could rub my face in it’s fur.

. Starting things is easy for me. Finishing things is not. I’m working on this…. later. 😉

. I still sometimes find myself surprised that I’m married and have kids. I’m so very happy that Stuart picked me!! 🙂 It was easy to pick him too!

. I forgot to eat breakfast today. I meant to… but I forgot.

. I miss “snail” mail. 🙂

. Thanksgiving is my favorite Holiday. And Christmas is second. Fun times coming up!!