Chick Flicks

Chick Flicks

I read an article recently written by a Christian woman about chick flicks. She had some interesting points, and the article certainly made me stop and think, but I have a pretty big issue with part of it. In the article the comparison was made between chick flicks, and “romance” books (like Jane Austin type) and pornography. Originally I was going to write a “response” and then decided it wasn’t worth it, but since then I have seen that comparison pop up elsewhere and it’s been on my mind bugging me, so I’ve decided to write it down for my own benefit. 🙂 You’re welcome to read along if you choose. 🙂 I’m not going to link to or cite the original post I read, because I’m not really talking about that post. I’m talking about the very unfortunate comparison going on in some people’s head now.

First of all, I’m not “defending” chick flicks and Jane Austin stories simply because I like them. 🙂 And I admit that I do. There are some tried and true books that I will read and read again. And the same goes for some of my favorite chick flicks. Most people can relate to that. Perhaps it is possible for some people to use those things as a means of escapism and try to find that perfect “happily ever after” ending in their own lives, but I’d say that the vast majority of people can differentiate between fantasy and reality.

Yes, in chick flicks and in romantic stories, the guys are romantic, and the girl always gets the guy in the end and they go on to live happily ever after in our imaginations because the movies end that way for a reason. The reason is, that life goes on, and assumes a normalcy that’s not really chick flick worthy. 😉 BUT the exciting part is watching the characters overcome every obstacle in order to find the “twue wuv” of their life. That’s the exciting part!! We know that they live happily ever after because they were MFEO!!! 😉

Now tell me, when you were falling madly in love with your man (or woman, though I doubt any guys are reading this, ha!) didn’t it feel like the most amazing romance story was being told in your own life? I know it did for me. No chick flick on the face of the earth can come close to how awesome MY love story is. And the thing is, I haven’t been disappointed that the day-to-dayness of my life doesn’t feel like a chick flick. Not at all. I really am living my happily ever after. It doesn’t mean that there aren’t issues and moments in our days where I’d like to take a little adventure somewhere without squalling toddlers. 😉 But I’d ever so much rather be living my life than Elizabeth Darcy’s! 🙂

It’s fun to watch love stories unfold in a chick flick or a favorite book. It’s entertaining.

So how in the world can you make the connection from something like that to something as disgusting, and perverted, and sinful as pornography? It’s a huge stretch, and I’d have to say it’s an impossible comparison. Unless you make the argument that both things are fantasy there is no comparison. One is filth, causes division in relationships, ruins families, tears at the core of what is lovely and good. The other is a form of diversion in a story. There is nothing sinful about romance, or love stories. Seriously.

Now I could see the argument made that in chick flicks there are often elements of sin, and that’s an argument that I could understand and get behind. You could point out the lack of morality in certain characters, especially in movies. We all know that Hollywood certainly doesn’t market Christian morals. Discernment in the area of entertainment is a completely different discussion. But to simply say that chick flicks are porn for women because it makes them desire a constant “romantic” in the man in their life, is incorrect.

If you believe that there is merit in the argument that chick flicks are like porn, then I would hope that you’d be consistent and cut out all the chick flicks in your life, just like should be done with porn.

To me there is absolutely no comparison between the two. We’ve got to be careful where we stand, and the statements that we make. Some things really are banners to bear, and others are things that just make Christians and the cause of Christ a laughing stock. Let’s not get too carried away on looking for that next “amazing idea” to wow our Christian brothers and sisters with, K? 🙂

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