Lil Book Worms

All three munchkins are now into books. 🙂 Ella doesn’t quite get the concept that they open and pages turn, but she does like to hold onto them and gaze at the covers. And woe be to any overzealous lad who tries to take a book away from her that she is not “done” with yet. Oh my! She has learned to hold her own when it comes to her “possessions” and that could be anything from a little bag of fruit snacks (not opened) that she’s crawling around with, or one of THEIR precious cars that she got ahold of. 🙂

But this moment is not about those sibling spats. It’s about all 3 of them calmly sitting on the floor entertaining themselves by looking at books. No movie on, no one trying to climb my pant legs, no one pushing, hitting, scratching or screaming. Ahhhhhhhhhh……


Lets enjoy this moment. 🙂