Lush Lashes

My eyelashes have gone through some trials since having kids. Who knew that so much can change about you when you become a mom?? Weird!

Anyway, I randomly stumbled across a news article about this lash enhancer stuff. I was intrigued because recently my dad has had some amazing eyelash growth due to some prescription drops that he has to use for an eye condition. I hadn’t realized before that there really are products that can do that!! WOW! I wanted to snitch the drops and try them for myself, but didn’t think that would really be a wise plan since I don’t have an actual “need” for them.

So when I saw the article I clicked on some of the products. BTW, I can’t find the link to the article I read, or I’d put it up for ya. Sorry about that. Anyway, this product got rave reviews in the article, and said that 100% of it’s users had seen some improvement in their lashes in 30 days or something. Whatever, I can’t remember all of it. But the link it originally took me to said that it’s regularly priced at $129. Believe it or not! HOWEVER, right now (for a limited time of course) you can get it with free shipping for $29.95. 🙂

So I did. 🙂 Hee hee. I want to have lashes as pretty as Qades… seriously, that lad has the most amazing eye lashes, and it’s simply not fair. Ha!

So I will let you know if I see any remarkable progress once it arrives and I start to use it. I hope to see some thickening and lengthening, but we’ll see. Anyway, here is the link to the stuff if any of you might be interested. 🙂 It’s called… uh… well, I can’t remember, but if you click the link you can see it for yourself. 🙂


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