Fun in a box

This is the box that Ella’s car seat came in. Yes, they are in there.

It’s just the perfect size for 2 rather rambunctious monkeys. They thrashed about in it in the house for a little while, and then Mommy had a stroke of brilliance and tossed it, and them out into the yard. 😉 Kidding… they walked out. 😉

But they ended up having so much fun in their box on the grass that I had to go join them. Not in the box. Not on the grass either. But I sat in a lawn chair and snapped some fun pictures of them just being lads.

These grins are irresistible, but you just know that lurking behind them are boys full of boyness. 🙂

Here’s how these box things work…

First you rock forward,

then you rock back,

rock forward again…

then back again….

…. and forward again.

Till you’re all worn out and then you crash in a heap in the bottom of the box.

Got it?


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