De Bella’s Birthday

We had a lot of fun with our easy-does-it birthday party for Ella. Some of our friends got to come over for it, and the kids all had a blast, and the grown ups did too. 🙂

Here is the birthday face.

Oops, I mean HERE is the birthday face. 🙂

She loved that balloon! I always try to get a mylar for the kids on their birthdays. They love them as much as the gifts, I think.

Some of the other party participants. We used plates that were left over from Ella’s baby shower! 🙂 That’s kinda cool.

Ella’s cake pops were a hit! The boys especially loved them, and they polished off the “left overs” with no trouble in the next couple of days. 🙂

Here’s Ella investigating hers. Do you think she managed to take a bite?

She’s telling me how amazing she thinks they are and what a great job dipping and sprinkling them I did. 😉

I know this photo is fuzzy, but this is as close as she got to putting it in her mouth on her own. 🙂 I eventually snuck in a couple bits for her to taste, but she enjoyed holding her birthday cake pop. Don’t worry, we’re planning a “cake smash” for her birthday pictures next week sometime. 🙂

Now it’s time to check out the loot!

Yay, a Giraffe toy! This one is so fun! I’ve played with it more than she has. I will simply cry buckets when Ella tells me she’s not that into giraffes. 😉

Playing with Kathryn, or actually snitching her little fuzzy worm, was more fun to Ella than opening gifts. 🙂

The party was a success, and regardless of my own fond wishes, the Lass has indeed turned one. 🙂 🙁 Such mixed emotions I have with this gal! Ha ha!! We had a great time, and thank you to everyone who gave Ella a gift and also thanks for contributing to her car seat. It’s awesome!