Ella’s 11 Month Shoot

I finally got Ella into the studio for her 11 month shoot. Nevermind that her first b-day is next Wednesday. (WHAAAAAAAAAA!!!) But we had a little fun together getting some sweet pictures. Of course the day before she managed to pull her brother’s booster seat at the table over top of her, and scraped her face, but with a little brilliant editing you’ll never know. 😉 Some of these shots gave me a real vintage, old fashoned-y feeling. See if they strike you that way. Here’s my biggest little girl. So much a baby, so much a big girl.

Just she and her pals.

Bug-a-Boo, might be my favorite!

Here’s the vintage one. Love it!

Sweet baby and her Giraffe

Saw this on pinterest and knew I wanted one like this. Ella is my little velcro child these days, so she’s often trying to climb my legs. Good memories to keep….

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