School and other procrastinations

I’ve been telling myself for quite some time that we’d start “school” the day after Labor Day, tradition ya know. Well, Labor day came and went and Tuesday morning I realized that I was NOT ready for school… mostly because I had done NO prep or planning. Duh!! I’ve mentioned before that I’m a reluctant Homeschool Mom, but I know I have to do it and just need to well… do it! 🙂

So this week I hunkered down and started plotting and planning. Now I believe I’m ready (except for the supplies I need to pick up at the store today) for school to start on Monday. 🙂 Qade is happy and excited about it. I’ll be letting Myles participate as much as possible, but also having some one-on-one with Qade. It’s going to be a challenge, but I think we’ll all end up enjoying it.

I’ll be getting some posters for scripture memory cards and sticker charts for verses and “responsibilities.” That’s what we’re calling our morning “chores.” I have little chore cards for both of them, and we will be competing those together each morning. But I don’t really like the word chore, so we’re going to call them responsibilities. 🙂 Nice, huh? Ha ha!

I’m going to Zumba tonight. We switched this week to accommodate some other plans. I’m really enjoying the class! It’s a fun workout! I have to say that I believe I’m gaining some ground in my personal battle of the bulge. 🙂 I don’t know that it’s obvious to the world, but I can certainly tell there’s a difference! Yay!!! Keeps me motivated to keep on going. I’ve also noticed that I don’t really crave snacks or sweets much any more!! How lovely! 🙂 Still, I think I will enjoy the red velvet whoopie pies that Stu is going to make me for my b-day this weekend! 😉 Anyway, the interval training has been good for me because it’s short enough to be doable any day, and it really does work me out! Nice!

I’ve been crocheting like mad recently to get some hats ready for my nephew’s arrival! 🙂 I’m hoping to get to do newborn portraits for him, but I realized I didn’t have many boy-flavored hats! So this is good. Now I’ll have a few in my arsenal and I have to say they are adorable!!! 🙂 Can’t wait to use them on the lil guy!

I’ve recently discovered a radio station that we actually get way out here, that broadcasts Christian programs, like Pastor Greg Laurie and Dr. David Jeremiah. It’s been refreshing to get to listen to some of those programs through the week! I’ve missed that! I just wish they played Odyssey during the week. I think the boys would like it. They do play it on weekends at some point, so I’ll have to figure out when that comes on exactly.

The menu has been working well! 🙂 I like that I don’t have to think about dinner as much! Just glance at the menu in the morning, and pull stuff from the freezer, if necessary. I only plan dinners, because our breakfasts and lunches are pretty standard.

Well, I feel like I’m boring even myself. I do have some more ‘exciting’ posts planned, but they require a little more effort, so you’ll have to wait. Ha! I’m not into effort today…. hence the title. 😉 Have a great lime green Thursday!

Ta ta!

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