Mr. Organizer

I just have to take a minute to tell you that my hubby is an amazing organizer. I’ve mentioned before that he’s been trying to reform my less-than-organized ways, and it’s uphill work for him for sure, but he hasn’t given up on me yet. 🙂 Here is a shot of the “spare” closet that was an abyss of clutter until he took in in hand. It had been kind of a ‘catch all’ for stuff that really had no place. Well…. now it all does have a place!

Let’s take a little closer look. Yes, each container is labeled and organized. Uh… I don’t think it’s alphabetical though. But seriously, considering that all my photography “stuff” is in here along with various and sundry beading supplies (ha ha ha, hobbies, sheesh) this is an amazing feat!

On the bottom of that shot you might notice some wire baskets. THESE are the infamous and dreaded inboxes…. well, mine has been anyway. Stuart’s inbox is actually a very functional tool. He has had infinite patience with me trying to “learn” and implement this inbox system. It really is pretty simple…. but my mind just balks at it for some reason. My poor inbox stays in it’s space neglected and alone till it’s overflowing with stuff that I was supposed to deal with in a timely manner, until Stuart can’t take it any longer then he helps me deal with it. I do feel bad that I haven’t put more effort into the whole thing. But I have to say that a light was slowly dawning in my brain the last time that Stuart helped me empty/organize my inbox. The puzzling pieces started to fall into place and it’s making sense!! Uh-oh!! I don’t want to join the dark side, I want to stay in my own scatter-brained disorganization…. Ha ha, no, not really! I’d actually like to have more brain power to devote to the other things in life than trying to remember that next thing I need to do for whatever it was.

I’m very glad that my Hurb has the gift of organization, and I really do believe it’s a gift, and that he’s been patient and gentle with me. 🙂 I know I still have a ways to go with this whole process, but I think that I really made a huge step in the right direction thanks to the help of my man! So stay tuned to see the new and improved Rachel who will be more organized and with it…. maybe. 😉

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