Not ME!

I did not download some really cute PDF picture “chore” cards for my lads and then somehow “lose” it in the depths of my computer.

I also didn’t spend an hour looking through a bunch of random files trying to find it last night. Nope!

Okay, I did! I confess! I’m trying to schedule the lad’s days, mornings specifically, to help channel some of that spastic energy of theirs. Great idea to have little cards with pictures of their chores on them. GREAT idea if I could find the silly things! *sigh*

I did not forget to pack a lunch for my hubby last night before bed. 🙁

I also didn’t manage to get up early enough to do it for him this morning. 🙁

My hubby would NEVER have to go to work with no lunch. 🙁 But he did have a good breakfast! Guess I’d better plan something substantial for dinner!

I did not go in to check on the lads before bed last night and find a sopping wet Myles. I would not have then just pulled off his jammies, put a new pull-up on him and just leave the wet bed till morning. Nopers!

(I did change the sheets this morning though, so that counts for something, right? 🙂 )

I’ve got quite a bit of organizing to get done today, so I’d better stop reminiscing on the stuff I didn’t do. 😉 Toodles for today!