Different way of Lookin at the World

Before Ella learned her mermaid, which she is still sticking to as her favorite method of locomotion, she used to look at the world a little different. See, she’s never been too fond of being on her tummy at all. Took her ages to decide to roll over, and then she’d be upset because she was “stuck” on her tummy. Eventually she figured out how to roll back and all was well. However, why roll over when you can do THIS!

Yep, if something interesting was going on in the other side of the room she’d just use her head as a periscope… but the other way. Ha! She has amazing balance on her head and tush by the way. Look at the arch in her back!

It would just crack me up to watch her do this. But it looks so awfully uncomfortable that Stuart tried to talk her out of it a time or two. No avail, she’d do it again and again. SO funny!!

And the last one is just for fun! 😉