This n’ that

The 25-hundred humming birds that like to frequent my feeder are draining it at a record rate! I filled it this afternoon, and it’s empty again now. Thirsty little guys. And on another note in the bird world, I saw some strange birds today that were eating the finch food. They kind of looked like goldfinches but where the gold should have been was bright blue. Weird!

I bought a McCormick’s Sea Salt grinder and a Peppercorn Medley grinder and that pepper one is SOOOOOO delish! It’s got a lot of flavor and it’s so much better than just regular black pepper. It’s especially good on eggs. Happy for that little accidental nugget of a find. 🙂

Myles only used ONE pair of unders today!! This is something worth celebrating!!! He has been doing pretty well with the training, but we’ve still been averaging about 2 unders a day, and yesterday it was more like 4, ugh! But he made up for it today, I guess!

Ella is getting better about the solids that I keep popping in her mouth, but still is no where close to putting any of it in herself. Do you think we can get her there in time for her birthday cake?? 😉 Speaking of her cake, I’m kind of torn between doing those cutsie little pink “cake pops” and doing a new recipe I just found for “Strawberry Milk Whoopie Pies” Hmmmm…. any thoughts? 😉

I went to Zumba for the first time last night. It was quite a workout! I should have taken a towel because I was schwetty! But it was a lot of fun even if I did feel like a very awkward giraffe! You can totally tell I’m NOT a dancer. Ha! But maybe this class will endow me with a bit better rhythm. 😉 “Cha, cha, cha”

Photography is at a standstill. Please tell people to hire me for their pictures. Thanks! 🙂

I still haven’t decided on which of our family shots to print. Mulling that one over. I need to print them and Qade’s 4 yr old pictures as well. I’m already plotting Myles’ photo shoot, and I’m hopping to get Ella’s 11 month one in on Saturday.

We still don’t have our curtains back up in our “new” kitchen, and it creeps me out at night. Not that there’s anyone around here to be peeking in the windows, but I still don’t like it…. too many silly ghost stories at sleepovers when I was a kid. 😉

I’m on a diet. 🙂 I’ll spare you all the details, but I’ve been keeping a food log and that seems to help. Down 2 lbs! 🙂

My skin doesn’t really like me right now. Don’t know what it’s deal is. I’m going to give it a coconut oil treatment tonight. Ahhhh!

I love reading books on my Kindle!! I’ve been flying through the L.M. Montgomery books I got and now am in the middle of an Agatha Christy book! I’m amazed at how many books you can get for FREEEEEEEE! Woo-Hooo!! The copyright has expired on those books so they are totally free, and you can share them and all that good stuff. BUT you’d still have to pay for it if you went to a bookstore to get a copy. Interesting, isn’t it? 😉 Glad I like the classics. Oh, and strangest of all, I found 2 Jane Austen books I’d never heard of. How in the world is that?? Like a special little treasure after all this time. I’ll be starting one of those after I finish my current book. 🙂

I’m no-pooing again. 😉 You DO remember what that is don’t you? Ha ha ha! I’ve quit shampoo again in favor of baking soda. Since my hair is shorter, it seems to be working well. I still use just a teeny dab of conditioner on the ends, and all has been well. 🙂 Soft shiny hair! We’ll see if it lasts! So far I haven’t done the vinegar rinse again, but I’ll probably do it every other week or so. It’s amazing what a little vinegar and baking soda can do for your hair! Wow!

Ella will have NOTHING to do with her sippy cup. At all…..

School is coming up with Qade, my oh my! He is excited about it when we talk it over, so I’m sure we’re going to have fun. We’ll be working our way through the Answers in Genesis Preschool books. I’m looking forward to all the scripture memory and songs. Not so much the “projects.” I’m not much of a project mom, but guess there’s always room for change. 🙂 And glue…. and glitter… and scissors and tape…. and paint…. *sigh*

I have recently found several really YUMMMMMY looking recipes for Fall!!! After I reach my goal weight, I will celebrate by making some of them. HOWEVER, I am not thrilled that Fall is just around the corner. I have facebook friends who are already hanging their Fall decorations and I find that an absolute crime! It’s not even September yet!!!! It shouldn’t BE Fall!!!! And it’s not, by the way. Just because you hang up your wreath does not make it Fall, and I refuse to even discuss the subject further till after Labor day. Then we can negotiate it’s commencement to begin near October. Thank you! 🙂

And I think that’s about it for now. Brain is coming up empty for once. 😉 Ta ta till next time!