Creamer re-mix

Some time ago, you may recall, I swore off the chemical creamers in favor of a more economic and “real” homemade option. Well…. I have stuck to that. I generally use fat-free half/half with a bunch of honey a splash of almond extract and a bunch of vanilla! I like flavor! It’s been working well. I enjoy not buying the expensive stuff… but still, I just couldn’t quite get the homemade stuff just perfect. It was good, and works great, but somewhere in the back of my mind has been this slight dissatisfaction with the stuff. Something wasn’t working, and while it hasn’t in any way curbed or ruined my coffee drinking, it’s left it just…. ho hum, I guess. Hard do describe a vague nagging little bit of a thought that’s never really been defined. 🙂

I’d probably still be in a ho-hum coffee relationship had I not stumbled upon a second blog post about the “perfect iced coffee.” I had seen it once on Pioneer Woman’s blog, but this was someone else and the photos of the coffee just totally sucked me in and I knew I wouldn’t rest till I had made that “cold brewed” coffee! Actually, I did rest though. I had to wait till I got a gallon sized pitcher I could use. The cold brewed coffee is splendid, but this is NOT about the coffee. It’s about the creamer!!

With the iced coffee instructions was also the ‘recipe’ for “sweet cream” to go in the coffee. It’s so simple!! A can of sweetened condensed milk and a can of evaporated milk. That’s it! Once I tasted it in my first cup of iced coffee, I knew. I had found IT! Now I’m going to be using it for my regular creamer. That is after I finish up the other “stuff” that I have. 😉 My frugal little soul can’t bear to waste it, but I’m already drooling over the thought of my sweet cream that I will be enjoying after this! 😉

I’ll probably still throw in some vanilla and a splash of almond, just because I love the flavor! But the “new” creamer recipe is so much sweeter and thicker, I know I won’t have to use as much. YES!!! I’m super excited about this. I know it’s just a coffee creamer, but it’s the little things that make ya happy! 😉

So you all should try it and see what you think. Oh, and if you ever want to taste an amazing, smooth and lovely iced coffee, you have to try cold brew! It’s awesome!!!!

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