3 at 10 months

Since Ella is going to be 11 months (what?!?!?!?) this weekend, I thought I’d better do their 10 month pictures. So hard to believe they grow up so quickly. I get misty eyed looking back on these early pics of the boys! Can’t believe how quickly time flies! (sigh)

Oh well, on to the fun! Don’t want to get too sentimental. LOL

Heres our Qade man at 10 months. I have to tell you that this lad was cruising like a pro at this age. He was also eating like a champ. In this particular photo he is discovering left over “munchies” under his high chair and having himself a lil snack! Oh my!!! Ha ha ha ha!! Funny little boy!

Myles had by 10 months recently perfected his “gimp” crawl! Remember? He always crawled on one foot and one knee! Ha ha ha! Loved to watch him. He still does it from time to time if he’s driving one of his cars. 🙂 He wins the prize for the most teeth at this age. Look at those chompers!! Qade’s top 3rd and 4th were just through at this age, and Ella, has 3 on top. 🙂 Love this grin!

‘de Bella. 🙂 What a lil sweetie! Ella is still using her “mermaid” to get around, though she does get up on her knees and crawl about 3 crawls before hitting her belly again. 🙂 She is plagued with teething, poor lass! Her 4th top tooth STILL hasn’t come in, and I can see where the 2 molars on bottom are working their way up. Awwww. Wish she could have that done. She’s still smiling. LOVES to rough house with her brothers, amazingly!!

She really wants to pull herself up on things, and succeeded on the boys little reading chair the other day. She was as proud as could be of that accomplishment! I have a feeling that her first birthday “cake smash” is going to be a flop since I’m still having a hard time getting that gal to eat anything solid! 🙂 We are making progress though! Last night I was giving her those little “yogurt melts” and she would open her mouth when I brought one up to her on my finger. Before I had to sneak them in on a spoon because she would squirm and twist and absolutely NOT open up other wise. She get’s this HILARIOUS “sour” face whenever she has a solid bite. It’s so funny!! I’ll have to post one of those pictures too! You’d think I popped a lemon in her mouth by the way she looks. Anyway, she’s no where near close to feeding any of that stuff to herself, and not the least bit interested either. 🙂 So birthday cake may just be a decoration. 😉

But I don’t want to think too much about her birthday yet. I want her to stay my baby even though I can’t make it happen. 🙂