Kitchen Renovation

Here’s the long awaited post. 🙂 Before’s and After’s, but please don’t judge the photography. 😉 There are a lot of pics so I’m going to keep words, to a minimum. I’m sure you can appreciate that! 😉

This was the original kitchen. This house began it’s career as a double wide trailer, which my inlaws gradually added to, changed and basically rearranged while they were living here. The kitchen, however, had kept it’s old original self complete with 70’s style wall board, and plywood cabinets. This is how it looked.

Shortly before Myles was born, I had this fit of “I can’t take it any longer” so my bro, James came over and hugely helped me paint it. Except we didn’t bother with INSIDE the cabinets so you could still see the old wall board. It was a sloppy job, but the colors were vastly improved. And I knew that my Dad-in-law was planning to redo it all someday, so it was a temporary fix.

Here’s us painting.

And here’s what it looked like painted.

Now let the reno begin! 😉 I have to say again and again just how grateful we are to Curtis and Tiffany for ALL the hard work they did on this kitchen. Curtis is a working machine, and you’d better stay out of his way, or you might end up tiled. 😉 BUT I was simply amazed with what they did in the time they did it!! WOW! So you wanna see, huh? huh?

This is what Curtis had to start out with.

He got it sheet rocked, moved/built a couple of walls, taped and uh.. mudded? Oh yeah, he makes it look easy. I know one thing, construction will never be my gift.

New plywood on the floors, some carpet removed, sorting out where the cabinets go.

New light fixtures, sink, AND (ta-tum) garbage disposal!!! Oh, and Curtis did the rewiring, plumbing and all of that too!

Tile work begun. They built a bar from scratch, and tiled the WHOLE countertop and the floor!

Tiffany did all the painting, bless her! She also worked out those strong muscles and helped Curtis hang the upper cabinets! Lookin’ good!




It’s beautiful!! I absolutely LOVE it!! It’s so fun to be in there and cook in the “new kitchen.” 🙂 Even Ella loves to squirm across the tile and sit and watch while I work in it! Ha! It’s an amazing space! We’re still slowly sifting everything into it’s new home, but these cabinets are amazing!! Couldn’t ask for a better kitchen!

Thanks so much Dad Noggle!!! You’ve got great ideas! Perhaps your next career could be an architect! And thanks SOOO much Curtis and Tiff for your work! You guys amaze me! I get tired just watching you, ha ha ha!!

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