Ella at 10 months

Well this was my first attempt at Ella’s 10 month portraits, and due to the fact that she wasn’t very cooperative OR smiley, I was going to give it a go again, but after editing some of these decided to stick with them! 😉 Ain’t I fickle! I just decided after looking over them for some time, I decided that they are BEAUTIFUL and even if she wasn’t all smiles, it captures her curious and serious sides very well. 🙂 I went with kind of a “vintage” look on these, they fit the mood… or my mood which ever. 😀

Might just be my fave!

Here’s a cheesy little smile! Gotta love those lil teefers!

Ever wonder what in the world is going through their mind?

Love this shot! In color and like this!
DSC_0446 - Version 2

One more smile I caught. She’s my sweetie!

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