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I’m trying to get back “into” blogging. Our whirlwind life in July kinda knocked me out of my groove. But I’ll find it I’m sure. I’ve already scheduled a couple more picture posts for your enjoyment. 😉 Now you’ll just have to sit and stew in anticipation till they post though, Ah ha ha ha ha! 😉

Last night I took a bath. (chorus sings hallelujah) I was trying to imagine myself in this tub I discovered on pinterest.

I tried…. really I did… but being cramped into our itty-bitty bathtub, I just couldn’t. 🙂 A big tub is on my ‘must haves’ list for my dream home. Maybe not everyone is “into” them or thinks they are necessary. And actually, they’re right. It’s not necessary, it’s a LUXERY, and oh it’s so nice to sink into a BIG bubble bath and read a book and unwind. Listening to Andrea Bocelli or Josh Groban is a help too! 😉

Speaking of book reading though, I couldn’t read in the tub last night. Not because of the teeny tub but because I’m now totally addicted to my Kindle!! There’s no way I’m going to get it anywhere close to water though! Ya know, if you drop a paper book in the tub, it’s a bummer, but if you drop your Kindle in the tub…… !!!!!……. that’s like loosing your whole library! Ack! So, not gonna do that.

I’ve been reading L.M. Montgomery’s “The Story Girl” and “The Golden Road.” I can’t believe I never knew about those books before!! How did I miss them? They are the books where the Avonlea series characters come from. Not to be confused with the Anne series, though. 🙂 I never knew it… imagine, all this time. The tv series takes some liberties with the characters, of course, but it’s interesting now to read the books they were pulled from after the fact. I’ve read more this last week since Stuart gave me the Kindle than I’ve read in awhile. Love it! I know people are saying it’s going to be the death of bookstores, but it’s really an amazing device! Saves so much space too! Woo-hooo!! 🙂

Our “new kitchen” as Qade calls it is very nice! I like to be in it and cook in there! I’m still learning where I put everything, but otherwise it’s great! 🙂 I’ll be posting a before/during/after picture blog for you soon. But I’m lazy right now and having to go back through the photo library (which is extensive, and not at all organized) is a daunting task at the moment. 😉 Patience, patience, my good friends!

The lads are both getting some “potty training boot camp” this week. Or actually, maybe it’s me! What happened is I forgot my shopping list when we left for our Anniversary weekend away. (Happy 6th Anniversary to US!) So when we stopped at Wal-Mart on the way home to get the essentials, I completely forgot pull-ups! Now as essential as those things are to our daily life, you’d think that I’d remember them before milk, but I didn’t. Qade of course only wore the night time ones, but I admit that I was lazily training Myles and he wore them more frequently than he probably should for a potty training lad. So the little oversight has forced me to dive in and just get it done. Myles now wears unders all day except nap, which thankfully we had enough left over to cover! And he’s doing quite well!!! I’m very happy with his progress! Yesterday he woke up from nap dry as well so that’s great! Qade, has given up night time pull-ups and thinks that he is pretty big stuff to be able to wear his unders to bed. Trying to limit his evening intake of fluids is more difficult, however. So it’s been 3 days of night time unders, and 2 were dry one he woke up at 6am wet. Not bad! 😉 I’ve been getting him out of bed to go one more time before I hit the hay at night. So lots of progress in the growing up department going on.

Ella bella is so fun now that she’s mobile. Ha! She still isn’t crawling on knees, though she “thinks” about it frequently. She seems pretty content to mermaid across the floor. Unfortunately it makes her shirts very dirty! No, I don’t have sparkling clean floors all the time, and honestly these carpets could use a good shampoo…. but who’s going to do that? 😉 Did I ever show you her mermaid crawl? No? Well, here it is! 😉 Enjoy, ha ha!

It’s gotten better since then. This was the first couple of days she was doing it. It’s amazing how quickly she can move! She’s a quiet one too, so you never know when or where she is going to show up! 😉

Stuart is back to work. 🙁 The kids came on Monday, and now it’s back to the grind. *sigh* Can I gripe for just a moment? IT’S BEYOND RIDICULOUS TO START SCHOOL THE FIRST WEEK OF AUGUST! WHATEVER HAPPENED TO SUMMER TIME????? Okay… thanks, just needed to get that out. I can’t get over it, never will. I’m glad that we’ll be homeschooling, and don’t “HAVE” to start school in the middle of summer. Silliness!!! But Stu is glad to see “his kids” again, and they all love his class, so that’s good.

Well, I’d better be going. I still need to take the trash to the dump, something Qade is thrilled about, drop off some stuff at the Post Office, fold a MOUNTAIN (seriously) of laundry, figure out how to get some gum out of someone’s (who will remain nameless) shirt, any tips there?? And I’m drooling over some biscotti recipes that I want to try this afternoon. PLUS I have a fringe blanket and a couple of “apple” hats in the works…. and of course my Kindle reading. So I’m pretty swamped. 😉 Better get to it!


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