Here’s some of my favorite snapshots from recently. 🙂 I get so focused on the “photography” side of pictures that I forget sometimes to just get snapshots too. 🙂

This seems, to me, like one of the most uncomfy ways to watch a Baby Einstein that I can imagine! Ella didn’t seem to care though. 😉

The lads were outside riding their “bikes” down the hill one afternoon. Myles is our little stunt dude for sure, and LOVES taking risks that his bro absolutely won’t.

See how proud he is of his ride! Funny lad!

Qade had fun too, but on a tamer part of the hill. 🙂 I love this lad’s smile!

This was probably the first time I’ve EVER seen them play nicely on this tandem swing! Most of the time one or the other wants to ride it alone. This was a special moment!!

Ella, loves to be outside too. But until she starts crawling OFF of her belly, she’s going to spend her outside time in the excersauser!! 😉
Love her face!!

I’ve been lazy, busy, lazy, unorganized, lazy, traveling, lazy, and the studio is a mess, so I haven’t got Ella’s 10 month or Qade’s 4 month pics done yet. It will happen this week, oh yes! 😉

Ta ta for now

(That reminds me, I saw the new Pooh movie, and wasn’t that impressed, though I was happy that they stayed true to the “classic” with the characters and all)

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