Allergic to Cities

I like the idea of the city. The uptown areas, shopping, specialty stores. I have these semi-fuzzy day dreams of strolling hand in hand with my love down city sidewalks, sipping on lattes at a sidewalk cafe’ and eating gelato. 🙂 Ha ha! I probably have hollywood to blame for all of that, because my experiences in the city are a little less… uh… picturesque. 😉

For example, my last city experience was last week when I went to visit my fam while Stu was at a conference and work was being done on our kitchen. The family part was fun, of course, but other than that I have to say that the city did not thrill me. I had these horror visions of being smashed to bits in the crazy traffic, and I even drive one of the bigger vehicles! The night sounds with the booming traffic and subsequent sirens, not to mention the cannon that was going off somewhere down the street (seriously, I still don’t know what that sound was, but it was loud enough to make my heart skip a beat) were enough to make me want to invest in earplugs. I might have, but I wanted to be able to hear the thugs and ruffians that might try to break in and kidnap me!! 😉 Plus it was HOT! That may not be the city’s fault, but all the paving and roads certainly don’t cool things off. 🙂

Now, I know that I’ve painted a rather dramatic picture there, but I’ve long known that cities and I don’t really get along. Probably being there without my Love made a big difference. Being a mommy while driving in crazy traffic can give me gray hair! And I know that the noises become common after you’ve heard them for a time. Still, I enjoy the stillness of a little more country life. Of course, finding paying clients, decent shopping options, and any kind of human interaction becomes more complicated. Perhaps someday I can find a happy medium somewhere. 🙂 Close, but not TOO close, to the amenities that a city (or large town even) can provide, without the racket and chaos of the busy city streets. Maybe…. For the time though, I’m happy where I am.

I’m happy to be home with our family all together again. I’m happy that our kitchen looks SO amazing! I’m happy that our kids are getting back to a “normal” routine. I’m happy that I get to see my Love every day!

I do wish I had more clients… but I’m telling myself to be patient because I know that building a business, especially one like this, takes time. And I’m really glad that I discovered that the city has a Melting Pot!! Someday when we’re back there, I’m taking Stuart on a date! 🙂

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