Death by PB&J

The lads have been eating lunch al fresco lately. It saves having to scrub down the ENTIRE dining room after every meal.:-) They have also been attempting to “out do” each other on how “long” they pray for meals. I have to laugh as I see them peeking out through squinted eyes as they pray for each piece of food on their plate AND for Daddy’s foot (which has been well for quite some time) to feel better. They get this long-windedness from their father, I just want you to know. 😉

Well today while I was holding their hands around the little picnic table outside, it was Qade’s turn to pray. I confess I had a hard time figuring out just what he was saying because we were all rather distracted by a large fly that was plaguing us. Myles kept swatting at it with his free hand. First it was on the toy, then the table. Myles kept trying to swat it. Eventually it happened to land smack in the middle of Myles PB&J sandwich. Not missing a beat his chubby little hand came down “smash” right on top of the fly ON the sandwich! Ack!!! I nearly lost it at this point, but the prayer was STILL going on so I fought for control while trying to flick the flopping fly off the table! Yes, it was still alive, so no bug guts on the food. I know I should have been a good mom and confiscated the “tainted” sandwich, but I know the kind of stuff that goes into Myles mouth, and quite honestly, this was mild.

Eventually Qade said “amen” and they got busy devouring the lunch before them. I on the other hand ran into the house as fast as I could and started laughing hysterically! My abs already hurt so bad from trying to contain it! After a time, I brushed the laughing tears from my eyes and took drinks out to the boys. Qade piped up, “Mom, what are you laughing at?” Ha ha ha!! That’s all it took for a new bout of laughing!

Ahhhhh, these kids keep me humored. I needed the diversion today too since they both have been extra whiney all morning. 🙂 Who would have thought that a poor fly experiencing “death by peanut butter and jelly” would help relieve a build up of parenthood stress?

Good times!

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