Just Random

I’m listening to Jungle Jam with Qade. ha ha ha! It’s funny. 🙂 Luckily for us my sis-in-law Joy said they have several more disks of Jungle Jam stories! Whew! We’re in serious danger of having these ones memorized. Strangely though there is one song, (a nice melodic lullaby like song) that Qade thinks is “scary” at night. He’ll scream and cry while that song is playing. So I need to make sure that particular one doesn’t end up on the bed-time play list. Weird.

We’re guarding our internet bandwidth jealously. So I’m not on FB much again. It’s outrageous what they charge you for just a bit of internet. If you have a smart phone you should check your bill. You’ll be plenty surprised that you’re probably paying $30 or more for just a few gigs of internet. And they’ll tack on significant fees for going over as well. Since our options out here (a mile from nowhere) are nil we went with a Verizon wireless card, but we still have to be very careful not to go over our “limit.” *sigh* Whatever happened to unlimited internet??? Oh well. I’m happy that I can update my blog and check FB now and then. It’s really no big deal since I’m spending less time in front of the computer anyway. 😉

It’s been raining recently in a Monsoon like pattern which is nice. It’s been SO dry out here the bushes are chasing the dogs around! Seriously! But the past few days it has rained in the late afternoon/evening, and that cools things down nicely! Not that I’m complaining about the heat, mind you!! I feel like I’ve only recently thawed out so it’s welcome to be warm for awhile. I was sorting the lad’s winter clothing this week, and just looking at the long sleeves and sweaters made me feel cold! Ha ha ha!! We should move to somewhere tropical…. if it wasn’t for the bugs I might be tempted! 😉

My camera is in the shop, and I miss it badly!!! Apparently something “major” has to be replaced on it. Their service orders are so unhelpfully descriptive. So I have to approved that repair online tomorrow. There’s a wedding coming up that I’m really going to need the camera for, so I hope it can be a quick fix. I was also hopeful that the warranty would still cover it, but apparently Nikon lenses have a 5 yr warranty but the camera body’s only have a 1 yr. 🙁 So no luck there. I should be happy that it’s only so much after 3 yrs of pretty strenuous use, but I’d rather not have to sink money into it right now since I really want to save for an upgraded camera. Oh well. Stuart has several “entry” level DSLR cameras for his class at school and he brought one home. Yesterday I tried to take some photos with it, and could NOT figure that thing out to save my life!! How in the world do you shoot Manual on a D3100?? I couldn’t figure it out at all, and was really shocked when the flash just pops up all by itself. Ha! Who would have thought that an automatic camera would be so difficult to use?! Anyway, Stuart will be using it as my second shooter for the wedding. I wouldn’t trust myself with that one in any way! I hope my baby comes home soon! *sniff*

Anyway, I’m off to enjoy another Summer day! Toodle-oo!

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