Somehow this post never got posted. So here’s our camping trip in a nutshell. 🙂

I am happy to say that our first family tent camping experience was a success!! I would be lying if I didn’t admit that I went into it with some fear and trepidation as I was sure that none of us would sleep and that it would be more miserable than not. But I underestimated my kiddos and they did so well!

We went with Stuart’s family and it was fun to hang out in the woods/mountains together. The boys had a blast playing with their cuz Aiden, and it was interesting to listen to all their little made-up adventures. Myles got the biggest kick out of putting gravel and dirt in his shorts till they could hold no more and then standing up to have it all come pouring down his legs. Yeah… he was filthy!

Ella did phenomenally well! She had her little pack-n-play bed and didn’t mind taking her naps in the tent one bit. She LOVED watching the 3 dogs who came along on the trip as well, and now says “Doh” repeatedly if you say something to her about a “dog.” She had her own personal little play tent to roll around in courtesy of Auntie Tiff and Uncle Curtis.

The first night Myles kept squirming out of his blankets and waking up cold, but that was the only challenge. Ella had a little “suit” to wear thanks to her Auntie, and it had a hood on top and feet to keep her nice and toasty. She slept like a rock so it must have worked. Qade slept very well also, though I don’t know how he could not with as hard as he was playing all day! I will say that I do prefer my bed to any kind of sleeping on the ground, but the little air beds that we had worked really well. I was only slightly sore. 😉 Okay, I’ll admit it, I’m a wimp!

I think that 2 nights is about the max that I can do the whole camping thing right now. Stu said he was ready for 2 more nights!! Even though I had a great time, and the kids all had a great time, and even Ella had dirt under her nails, I was very ready to pack it all up and head back to a shower after 2 nights. 🙂 We’ll work our way in slowly to more, but now I’m not dreading it so much since I know it can be a ton of fun!

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