Business Blues

I got the business blues, ba-da-dum da-dum. 😉 Ha! Not really, but my head has been reeling recently while we’ve been trying to figure out this business stuff. I have said to myself more than once lately that I should have been a business major instead of music. But I always recollect how much fun WE had and how much fun THEY didn’t seem to be having, and think that it all worked out in the end. 😉 I do NOT have a head for numbers, not now, not then, so it likely wouldn’t have helped me in the least then or now! Ha!

Still in some ways I wish I were more accountantly inclined so I could more easily wrap my head around this stuff. I also wish that there was nothing more to it than clicking away, having fun with my clients, editing photos and ordering prints. THAT would be fun! 🙂 But no, the IRS and g’ubment don’t care how much fun it ends up being, they just want their “fair” chunk of change. And working out how much change it takes to actually keep a business afloat (and I’m lucky that I don’t have a building space to worry about) and actually make something is mind-blowing!

So for the past few days I’ve been living in my little glider rocker, with my lap-top crunching numbers. And thanks to a free resource called “The Single Greatest Guide to Wedding Photography Pricing that Ever Was and Ever Will Be” (humble huh? ha ha) I have been able to actually make some sense of the numbers. When you get online and look for pricing structures and business model help, you can run in circles… and I was. I really just wanted SOMEONE to tell me how to figure it all out!!! I was looking into another very highly recommended pricing guide called “Easy as Pie” but it comes with a nearly $400 price tag. This free one breaks it all down into easy to understand steps that give you concrete numbers. Yes, I still had to do “homework” and deal with a lot of numbers, but in the end it was so much easier because I had a guide. Ahhhhhh!

Now I have some basic numbers that I will use for each and every session. They are quite a bit larger than what I had been offering before. However I’m considering those as portfolio building sessions. Now I’m on to the wide world of (hopefully) money making business. 🙂 I’ve got my Session price set, and I have compiled my Bebe packages, and Wedding packages. I still have to churn out some Family packages and of course, the Senior package.

But those will have to wait because my head has decided to mutiny and I’ve been reeling (really) from the dizzies since late last afternoon. Going to bed at the same time as Ella hasn’t fixed the problem, so I’m taking my Hurb’s advice and giving the computer a break today. I’m quite sure it’ll help. Either way, my brain needs a break. You know it’s bad when you start dreaming about Math, ugh!!!! Talk about your nightmares! 😉 Sorry to all you Math-heads out there, but it is SO not my cup’o tea. Ick!

Stay tuned anyway. I’ll be updating the pricing on in the very near future. Oh, and while you’re there, check out the updated “about” page as well. 🙂 And tell your friends!!
?Ta ta!