Docs and Cars

Today was the doctor visits for our oldest lad and our little lass. I hate the “well-visits” because typically they involve shots. 🙁 Shots make me sad. I think they bother me ever so much more than they ever bother the kids. BUT all things considered I’d rather go through the immunization process than face debilitating diseases.

Anyway, we missed Ella’s 6 month visit which the doctor asked about because she said, “That’s not like you.” Ha! I told her the truth, that it fell right in the middle of senior portrait season and since I’m a photographer (I’m trying to get used to saying that) it was impossible to bring her in. They put all this weight and importance on these visits every 3 months, but if there’s something I’ve learned since having 3 kids it’s that mommy instincts are usually more “right on” than doctor advice, and while it’s nice to see where they ‘line up’ on the lists, it’s no big deal if they are ahead or behind a bit on certain milestones. 🙂 Anyway, Ella is in the 90% for her height at 29 inches, and I didn’t see what she was on her weight, but she weighs in at 18 lbs 11 oz. She’s a tall skinny gal for sure.

I also didn’t see Qade’s percentiles, they don’t offer that info and I’ve stopped asking because of the stink eye the nurses gave me when I’d ask before….. just curious, really! But he weighs 34.5 lbs and is 40in tall. He’s also a skinny shorty, but I’m sure he’ll be just as tall as he needs to be. 🙂 I feed my kids as much as they’ll eat, and more actually because sometimes I insist that they clean their plates, so I know they aren’t starving. Stu and I were both string-beany kids, and I imagine they have fast metabolisms. Not worried at all, and in fact am rather relieved that they don’t already suffer from the childhood obesity that I see so often in the small children of this area. Breaks your heart really.

They both had to have 3 shots today. 🙁 Qade went first because I kept telling him that he was going to have to be a brave boy, and I didn’t wan him to see Ella’s reaction before his turn. He did well, but by the 3rd poke he did start to cry. Then it was done, he earned his tootsie-pop by being SO brave, and he was fine. 🙂 Stu was with me in the doc’s office today, I determined NEVER to try to take more than one child by myself ever again! Ugh! So that was a huge help, but he told me ahead of time that I would have to hold Ella when her shots came up. He doesn’t like for anyone to hurt his sweetie-pie so I understood. My mommy’s heart doesn’t like it either, but I’d rather be able to hold them and comfort right away, so it was okay.

After all the doctor drama was over we met up with Grandma Noggle, who was hanging out with Myles, and then she took Ella home while we took the boys to see Cars 2. Since they are HUGE Cars fans we figured it would be the perfect outing for them. We were right! I had seen some stuff on FB about other mom’s opinions of the movie and was a little unsure of if I’d like it or like them watching it, but it was really fine. 007 cars style would sum it up pretty well. I’d have to say that the Harry Potter preview that came before was MUCH more disturbing to me, and we tried to keep the kids’ attention away from it with popcorn. Good grief!

We watched in 3D and the boys each had their own little glasses! Ha! I so wish I could have taken a picture of them sitting on the edge of their seats (literally) with those glasses on their face! I thought for sure that Myles at least would be taking his off, he’s not one for sunglasses even, but I guess the movie actually distracted him from the fact that there was something on his face.

It was fun to have that time with the lads. Qade was really sore after the movie from his shots and probably his legs dangling off that chair. But some lunch from Wendy’s and a frosty later and he was good. I was a sucker and picked up one of the “new” character cars for each of the boys. Qade keeps asking me what their names are. They aren’t as familiar as “Lightning McQueen” but they will be, I’m sure. Ha ha!

So it was a good day over all. I’m hoping that the kids will sleep well tonight and the shots won’t make them too miserable tomorrow. It’s usually the day after shots when my kiddos don’t do so hot. 🙁 Good thing we have Tylenol and Motrin at our fingertips.


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