Chicks Wrap-up

The End.

All good things, and bad for that matter, must end. The last half day of the conference was just as amazing as the rest. We really didn’t want it to end at all. We heard from Graham Wilson more about Operation Smile, but he went beyond that and discussed a lot of great Facebook marketing things that he uses to target high school seniors in his own business. He’s doing something right because things are going very well for him. I appreciated his tips on that as it seems a lot of people are not as willing to share what is working for them. That’s understandable to a point, but I think that giving a little is a lot better way to influence people than staying walled up and crabby… just sayin’.

Anyway, after Graham we got to hear Vicki Taufer speak. She has one AMAZING story. She has been back in the country since Feb after spending 6 months in Nepal trying to bring home their adopted daughter. They had anticipated being gone for one at the most! It was an amazing story. The journey that she has been on is incredible! From her working for free basically out of her basement, to booming and growing into a HUGE studio space, to now reorganizing their business and actually shooting to be smaller. She shared lots of her experiences in Nepal, and the soul-searching that being there has forced her to do. It was an awesome session. Her whole point was “Joy in the Journey” and it’s good to remember that. No, you can’t neglect the numbers, or the fact that you are/have a business, but not to lose yourself in that is a good reminder. And near the end of her time her husband actually walked into the room with their little girl, and from the back you could hear a very distinct “Mama!” and that made everyone smile. 🙂

The drive home was uneventful but not that fun. I was tired, and it’s uncomfortable to be the driver for so long. 🙂 But the time was good and since I’ve got so much to think about after soaking all that stuff up like a sponge, that a little quite time was nice. It was SOOOOO good to get home though. I just can’t say how much I enjoyed this time away, (I don’t think I really realized how much I needed it till I got back) but coming in and being enthusiastically greeted by Myles’ “Mom, your back! You’re back! You’re back!!!!” and of course nearly getting bowled over by his hug felt the best! Not to mention sniffin’ in my sweet Ella and having “serious” conversations with Qade about what he did while Grandma was there, and the comfortable hugs of my Hurb all worked together to just feel like HOME!

I learned a lot over the last 4 days, and I hope that it continues to sink in as some new ideas that I’ve planted begin to sprout, but right now it just feels good to be back! Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!! <--- happy contented sigh!