Chicks who Click Day 3

So day three of the conference was fantastic, of course! 🙂 This conference has exceeded above and beyond ANY of my expectations! I’ve enjoyed it so much and learned so much and had so much fun!

This day started with a yummy breakfast again. I forgot to mention that about yesterday’s, ha ha! And there was a session in the morning with Jenn Hudson, whom I’m sure will be making big waves in the photographic art world. She is already making little waves. 🙂 She spoke on enjoying your journey, and really finding what it is you love about photography and doing that with all of your soul really. The topic was good, and it was a good reminder especially when it really can get bogged feeling when you’re trying to balance the business aspect of it with your passion for photography. But some good thoughts. I wasn’t a fan of her style really, but I could still see the amazing in what she does.

So that was fun, but it just got better. 🙂 We had breakout sessions in the late morning and afternoon. I had a hard time deciding which ones to go to since I can’t be everywhere at once. I went to the newborn session first and it was good. Max was just as cute a baby as you’ll find, and his mom has quite the story to tell. Max was a 9 pound first baby and he was born in the car on the way to the hospital!!!! Oh yeah! Wow! But they’re both great, and he’s growing to be quite a little chunker boy who responds very well to his daddy’s “motorcycle” hum. 🙂

I was a little disappointed because I really wasn’t able to capture much on that one. My 50mm is still “in the shop” and my other lens just could’t handle the lighting situation in that room. But it was informative and helpful.

The second session that I went to was a maternity session. I really wasn’t planning to go to that one at first, but they were doing it in a room with BIG windows and lots of light so I thought perhaps I might just get through with something after all!

When I got there I met our “model” Tina. She is an itty bitty petite gal with the CUTEST baby bump ever! Seriously, she was like the perfect pregnant person to do this session with. She was very willing to step out of her comfort zone, bless her heart, with what seemed like a million of us standing around staring at her. Her baby girl is due in August, and the name is a secret. She is just a glowing little mama and so excited about her baby. It was awesome! And I was actually able to get some good shots of her in this session. I’ve been challenged, like I wrote, to use the equipment that I have till I just can’t grow with them anymore. And yes, it would have been SOOOO much easier to have my 50, but I didn’t. So I popped on my 105mm lens, ha! The room was BIG. And I stood in the back and shot over everyone’s head. Not what I consider ideal, but it DID work! Then when we moved down to the more natural window light, I used my kit lens and got some good shots there as well. I know I can do this stuff, I just sometimes need to be pushed. 🙂


So that basically wrapped it up for day 3. I was so thrilled that I actually got to use my camera I got back and started editing right away and posted a shot to FB. 🙂 Ahhhhh… felt good!

Today the conference ends, and I will be heading home around noon. I’ve enjoyed meeting some amazing photographers and the people from PPA. I will certainly be joining as soon as the studio stables out. It’s a fantastic organization, and I just LOVE the charity work that they do. Stay tuned, I’ll letcha know all about the wrap up of the conference as well. I’m sorry it’s ending because it has been THAT GOOD, but I’ll be happy to get back to my babies and my Love!