Clickin’ Chicks Day One

So today began the chicks who click conference. This is my first conference of this kind, so I didn’t really know what to expect, but I am enjoying it. Social situations aren’t my most comfortable place to be…. okay…. they stress me out, how’s that for some truth. But honestly I am/do work on it regularly. I realize that it’s a weakness of mine and I make conscience effort to do better. And I believe that I am seeing progress, but it’s still not my favorite thing. But I’m more than willing to tackle an army of strangers to get some more tools in my photography belt. Oh yeah. 😉

The first day didn’t start till late afternoon because it was registration and all of that. I did meet some other photogs and get to chat some about what makes them tick, and that’s fun! Since I’ve found it so difficult to find an actual mentor I have been finding them in other places like FB and such. That makes this a prime opportunity to really learn a lot and pick up some great inspiration as well.

Last night I met Tira of Tira J Young photography, and Jennifer Price of Focus Photographers. It was fun to get to chat with them, and swap cards. I for sure feel like the “greenie” of the bunch, though I know there are other newbie photogs there as well. I met a jolly gal from the Fort Worth area who I’m sure has NO issues getting people to smile as her’s just lights up the room. I also met Heather from AZ who does awesome work with babies and gave me some advice on some “must have” baby workshops.

So I’m soaking it all in… well, almost all. 😉 I avoid the “happy hour” free wine and such. Just the smell makes my stomach turn. Part of why I’m not much of a socialite I suppose. 😉 ??Still I’ve been very pleased with the gals I’ve met and haven’t felt the least bit snubbed, which was a bit of a concern considering some of the drama that goes on with photogs on line. Ha! The last session I went to last night was a lady who’s been doing photography for a long time, and is good!! She shoots film, still, and doesn’t know a thing about photoshop which I find absolutely awesome! It’s one of my major goals to be a “first capture” shooter, though I will probably always play with the levels a LEEEETILE bit. 😉 Anyway, she talked about a gallery show that she did and how she got all of that together. Stuart and I have already come up with a personal project of that kind that we would like to do, so it was neat to see it worked out with what she did.

Great times! I’m really looking forward to today and what they have planned. I’ll be skipping the evening “girl’s night out” gathering, but don’t worry, they’ll have more fun without me, and I’ll for sure be having more fun. I’m really excited about some of the break-out sessions that are coming up on Saturday. So I’ll keep you all informed.

Have a great weekend! Wait… it’ll be over when you read this. Hmmmmm… Hope you HAD a great weekend in that case. Toodles!