3 at 8 Months

Here they are, our 3 at 8 months! Can you believe how fast this first year for Ella is flying!!!? I sure can’t! I love looking through their pictures each month though. It reminds me of their differences and similarities, and is just so fun!

Qade at 8 months now boggles my mind. I probably didn’t appreciate it while we were in the midst of it, just how “advanced” he was in his motor skills. Since he is the first we didn’t have anyone to compare him to, so it just was normal. But the fact that he was doing THIS at 8 months now makes me think, “Wow!”
In some of his other pics, he was already cruising around furniture, and “helping” me pull laundry out of the basket. Yep…. I didn’t realize it then, but I do now! What a big boy! Not that I mind that the other 2 weren’t as mobile so fast, oh no!

Here’s my Myles! I love this picture of him. I think it was just SO cute the way he thought thumbsucking was a 2 hand event! So so cute!!! It morphed later on. I told you how he’d tap on his nose and lip with his “free” hand. Then it progressed to him pushing his earlobe on his “free” side into his ear. He’d go back and forth between the lip-tapping and the ear lobe pushing. LOL! I’m glad that he has given up his thumb so that it’s one less battle that we have to fight together, but in a way I miss it too. 🙂
LOOK at all that hair!!! Ella would be jealous if she knew enough to care! 😉 Can’t believe how much hair this little lad had! He still does! It’s so thick that it’s hard for me to cut it to look right. Hmmm….. I’m contemplating just giving them a close buzz for summer time anyway!

Ella girl! She’s such a sweetie. This little girl is SO content. I need to take some lessons from her, really. Not much rocks her boat, and crying and tears are rare with her. She’s gotten so much better about smiling at and going to other people. She still likes Mommy best though, and I’m treasuring those moments now to cherish later when I may not always be her favorite person. 🙂 LOVE my little girl! I think that she is actually giving kisses now from time to time. Very sweet! She still wants nothing to do with food. I can get about 3 bites into her before the jaws clamp shut and it’s just not going to happen. I’m working on it though. We have a little practice each day and I know eventually she’ll decide to like food too. Ha! She’s sitting up better this month, and I’ve been letting her practice that more as well. She loves her exercauser, especially the couple times I’ve taken it outside for her. She’ll be an outside lover just like her bros, I can tell! Ella is sleeping in her own room and doing a fantastic job. She has become a bit more flexible with her schedule and doesn’t melt down if it’s “messed” with for at least a couple of days. She now has 2 top teeth to match the bottom and has learned to grind them! Ugh!!! That sound just makes my spine tingle! The boys both did that when they were first discovering their teeth as well. I just hope it’s short lived! Ella still does not suck any fingers and is even reluctant to put toys in her mouth. One day she had a little ball with rubber knobby things on it and she slowly brought it to her lips with this look on her face that seemed to say, “Is this okay?” ha ha ha! She didn’t open her mouth for it, but she did feel it on her face. Such a funny cutie pie! She doesn’t have a problem opening up for her bottle though. She thinks she’s pretty big stuff holding it all on her own as well. Funny girl!DSC_7068

So there ya have it. My 2 Monkeys and my Punky Munkin’. Love em!