Jungle Jam

Qade’s favorite audio stories right now are Jungle Jam stories. We were introduced to these hilarious stories by my bro James and his wife Joy. They are stories with morals extracted from Bible verses. Somewhat like Veggie Tails, but not… better actually. 😉 They have quite a few memorable characters and it totally cracks me up that Qade will discuss the characters and quote the stories from time to time. Two of the characters are Carl and Olaff. Yesterday while the lads were washing the daily grime off in the tub I asked Qade what they had done outside. They had been playing in the wagon. He told me that they were in a “boat” and went to see Carl and Olaff. Then he informed me that it was, “just pretend” in case I was concerned that he was really sailing across the sea to Razzelflaven Island. LOL!! That boy’s mental processes are too quick for me to keep up with, but it keeps me humored as well. ??This morning at breakfast Qade asked, “Can we listen to the Whistling Frichetta’s” story. Ha!

Anyway, Jungle Jam is by Fancy Monkey Studio, so if you’re interested in them for your own small ones you can give that a try. I’m going to be looking at getting some more since the ones that we do have are practically memorized already anyway. I don’t know if they are still “around” or not, but its on my list of things to look up when I get to an internet spot.